A little bit of fresh…..

Currently this little view into my bathroom is making me so happy!  I just freshened this room up a few days ago by changing my curtains to the white cotton tab curtains,  new little sink skirt,  and a cleaned up dresser top with a little lamp.  A few simple changes are all it takes to freshen up a room…


My old fashioned sink… it is difficult yet charming..

but I love the little sink skirt.. it just makes it look a little more polished..

I am on a crochet kick, so there you go with the washcloth’s..

 note to self: get cute soap dispenser.. seriously that is out of whack!


 I just feel calm when I look at my dresser top.. it is clean and spare.

I love peeking into the bathroom as I walk by and seeing  the soft glow…   Seriously it doesn’t take much…

one more view of my flirty skirt….

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