Something for Summer Grace~



We have another little girl coming into our world in early August. Her shower is this week so I made another little dress.
This is my version of Simplicity 3509 ..  I basically used the pattern for the main body for the front and back and the sleeves.   Then I kind of constructed it as I saw it in my mind.. I used the medium or large size in order to have enough room to do french seams, pin tucks,pleats and a decent size hem.


 ~neckline and front details… the fit is loose and the dress can be adjusted with the ribbons at the sleeves and the neckline with  gingham ribbon. 

  ~ I love love love the picot crochet edging.


    ~ my pin tucks are much better on this dress.. I am much happier with these.

   ~back view of the dress, it is just as pretty to me as the front.


 ~matching bloomers and crocheted Mary Janes…. seriously cute, I LOVE these little Mary Jane’s!  I used a pattern from this book. I did my own version of the strap and finishing. It took a few times to figure it out my way because the way the book does it just did not do it for me. I am much happier now.

  ~ little bloomer’s!

   ~ a little bonnet just to complete the outfit. 

I can not help but to think this little girl will look like an angel.  I have had so much fun sewing these dresses.  It is my version of  heirloom sewing.. just a baby step into that arena.   It has inspired me to learn much more about this art form.  I only wish I could have started this when my girls were much younger.

Isn’t that the way it goes, who has the time then?  I really don’t have time now, but it is funny what you make time for when your motivated and inspired.  I am always looking for new ways to create, it does a body good!   We have no shortage of babies at my work, and I am hoping for a niece or nephew one day….

2 thoughts on “Something for Summer Grace~

  1. This is an absolutely gorgeous heirloom piece. You did a fantastic job sewing it up.

    I love the little touches of pink…the gingham ribbon, the stitching and the crocheted edging. Beautiful!!!

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