Sunday Musings~ children’s art, sewing dolls, pit bull and kittens~

 Talk about an electic mix of subject matter!

   ~Eldest daughter had an art class at the Memphis College of Art.  This is one of her pieces.

   ~ I think she did a great job!  The clas was digital photography, and this is stunning to me.

   ~someone asked me if I made dolls. Not  exactly I said, but let me think about it.   I found a bit of whimsy prims these patterns are so adorable, I can not even tell you. Pretty easy as well. I started this last night. Finished today. I know I will do a few things a little differently when I make the next one, but I think Billie Anne is too cute!  The little girl I have in mind for this is 2 years old, and the eyes would have to be embroidered. That was the only part I found fiddly, but that is me not the pattern.

When I saw this scene on my couch last night, I was too through~

 I mean seriously, are you kidding me?



Oh how things have changed from the first early days when we heard hiss spat hiss all day long.  Olivia is a bull dog and persistence is the name of the game.  She never gave up wanting to love on those kittens and by gosh she finally broke them down…..

  ~Mother dog does it again..


All is well this cloudy and dark Sunday.  I hope for you as well..

2 thoughts on “Sunday Musings~ children’s art, sewing dolls, pit bull and kittens~

  1. That picture of the dog and cats CRACK ME UP!!! I have an english bulldog that adored our cat. He wanted to play with her non-stop, but all she would do it bat at him and hiss. I cant wait to get a new kitty to be his friend.

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