~Little dresses for little girls~

I added 2 cute items to my little shop

I made a few adjustments washed and ironed my little twirly skirt and it is good to go! So cute.
  I am crazy about this little pink top. I used this tutorial from Just Tutesfor my starting point. I love her site. Very good ideas there! I used a dark coordinated pink thread. Embroidered a design on the bottom of the hemline, as well in between the shirring. For the straps a great curly pink plaid ribbon with bows at the shoulders, front and back. I made the top from a vintage sheet, to go with the feel of the twirly skirt

I just love the pink girly twirlyness of it all.


I also made a little round neck dress from more vintage materials.

  This dress is soft!

  ~ cheerful

~just a little quirky!

I am still loving this quilted list-taker from JC Handmade   it is so fun to make~   there are a few more in my flickr.


3 thoughts on “~Little dresses for little girls~

  1. Those dresses are lovely. I’m particularly fond of the dress with the polka-dotted yoke & the yellow-flowered skirt.

    I wish my daughter was still young enough to wear outfits such as these — as it is, she turns 18 in 2 weeks. How the time flies!


  2. Jenn! you are just amazing with some cute fabrics and a sewing machine. the top is SO adorable and the cuteness of the yellow dress makes me want to just spit!!! (sorry, I do weird things when I get excited!)

  3. I just love the the pink top you made to go with the skirt. It is so cute and goes perfectly with the skirt. I like the combo of the polka dots with the flowers on the yellow dress too. Really, really cute stuff here!

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