~Soup with bread, knitting and quilting~

Well, the NieNie Benefit has been a huge success!
Last auction to be launched tonight at 7pm Pacific time. Everything literally sells out in minutes~ yes, even my little quilt sold that fast. Unbelievable! I am so happy I sent it off.  It feels good to be a part of such a wonderful event  with all of the turmoil of late,  there is still a little good left in the world!

I can’t quite feel the fall in the air, but by gosh I know it is out there and  soon will be in my neck of the woods!

  The leaves have not changed, it is still 85 degrees outside,  the rain has dried up… but the soup is on!  This is my most favorite soup and I can eat it by the bowl-fulls,  I just love it that much and it was made by my sweet hubby!

What is soup without the  bread?   If you haven’t tried the NY Times no knead bread, then you just haven’t lived, it is that good. Seriously! Water, yeast, flour and salt. That is it. Ok, you need a fridge to rest the bowl on and an oven to bake the bread…


~ I started this right after I finished The Turqoise Quilt, (above).  I love the browns with the whites and I have a great backing in mind… I just can’t decide which way to quilt it.  My inspiration is the wonderful Denise Schmidt .

Ok, the FLS gave me fits, I have no idea why.. I just couldn’t get past the yoke.. So, I took a deep breath and a  break from that and switched over to Juliet from Zephyr Style…I am ready to begin my lace pattern! Yet another sign of fall.  I am consumed by knitting.. I know I am craft add.  I just can’t help it!
Enjoy your week!

~Nie Nie’s Benefit Sale on Etsy, doll quilt and new labels~


The Sale starts today!  It opens at 10:00 am PST, so please go here and check it out! All of the items look so wonderful and it could not go to a better cause.

As the season change and as we welcome the fall season, I feel the pull to get back into knitting. I have begun the February Lady Sweater  and uh, little rusty here,  not quite sure how that will turn out, but gosh I love the look of that sweater! I have already frogged my first yoke and have started again. Might be slow going, but we’ll see!
Here is a little tiny doll quilt that I made ~ so little and cute!

and here is a picture of my new fabric label that I made~ I used this tutorial~ from Penny~and it worked like a charm!

 Don’t forget on Etsy!

~The quilt is off to LA~

   ~After many hours of deliberation and some very sweet comments I decided to go ahead and send in the quilt to the Nie Nie Benefit Etsy Auction set for Sept 23-24th. I included a handwritten  thank you note explaining my rationale and feelings regarding the quilt as to why I went ahead and sent in a less than perfect auction item.

My  heart was moved  to create this quilt,  I then had the washing/bleeding mishap and I was devastated. But in actuality I was  reminded of how human we all are. Seriously, we are human beings and we are not perfect. Therefore all that we are, all that we touch is really imperfect…. I tend to forget things like that.

I feel like even though I do not know Stephanie and Mr. Nelson, their children or any of their family, I really do know them on some level. I know they are in a family in crisis and they need support. So, this is my little tiny way of helping a family that is so far away, it is not much but my heart told me to do it and I listened.  So, to whomever (if anyone) purchases this quilt, just think of the little spots as a reminder that we are all human and try as we might, we will never be perfect….

Quilt is done, but small problem….

  ~ see the spot there?

I loved it when it was done.  I took some quick pictures, it was late.  I should have stopped there, butI went ahead and washed it, because a quilt is not done until it is crinkled up. My opinion of course, but that is how I feel. Then came my little problem when I opened up the machine. Bleeding… I almost cried.

Ok I did a little. I prayed a lot. I washed, shouted a lot (stain remover), not out loud.

Soaked overnight, rewashed, etc. etc. Most came out, but… it is not perfect. My dilema is what to do. I was supposed to send this in for the auction, but I feel like it is not quite right….. obviously.

Here are my after pictures, the before are in my flickr.

   ~front  (light is weird)

  ~back,  small spots here and there, but not too bad overall..

I love the bottom row… I don’t know why, but I really liked that row.. the bedrail is in the way..

I did not use any pattern.. I just used my inspiration from  Denise Schmidt and also The Quilt’s of Gee’s Bend I just checked that book out from the library. It is great. Very inspiring.

  ~here it is before the disaster..

oh me.. I learned my lesson, no cheating, no shortcuts.. always prewash. Funny thing is I usually always do prewash. I just was in a hurry. I am so disappointed. I just don’t think I send this in.   I guess I will go see what I have on hand. Bummer. Plus I am late on top of it all. 😦

~WIP~ another little quilt and prayers needed~

Please keep Samantha and her family in your prayers. This is a time where the power of prayer is really needed.

I am working on Nie Nie’s Benefit item it has to be in the mail by Friday, yikes! I have a long way to go..
Here is the first little peek~

I am excited to see it come together..


Ok, back to work.

I have no time to waste.

Please remember Samantha, her family and the Nelson’s and all of their families…

~I love quilts~

Here is  my new quilt. I finished over the long weekend.  I learned many lessons on this quilt. I love free motion quilting. I guess about halfway through this quilt I really “got it” Next one will be better certainly. It does take a little time to get the feel of the motion combined with moving the large thick fabric..  

I do however love love love stippled, wrinkled crinkled quilts. 100 % cotton of course.  My favorites used to be the Country Living quilts. I just loved those.
This was intended for a new little baby boy to be born in Nov. I am just not sure if it is gift worthy. As much as I love it, I am not sure.

Also, I sewed my binding on backwards(applied by machine, hand stitched.)… whoops!! I also did not blind stitch it, (I don’t know where my mind was) I think I just wanted it done and I could not wait to wash it..

 I used my scraps to make 2 different bindings and I like it. I love my back, thrifted sheet and leftover scrapes. I have used that green polka dot sheet in so many projects it is just not funny anymore.

So,  overall, I do love my little quilt. I love that I learned quite a bit.  It is not perfect, but to me it is charming, warm and cozy.  I can not wait to make my next one.