Quilt is done, but small problem….

  ~ see the spot there?

I loved it when it was done.  I took some quick pictures, it was late.  I should have stopped there, butI went ahead and washed it, because a quilt is not done until it is crinkled up. My opinion of course, but that is how I feel. Then came my little problem when I opened up the machine. Bleeding… I almost cried.

Ok I did a little. I prayed a lot. I washed, shouted a lot (stain remover), not out loud.

Soaked overnight, rewashed, etc. etc. Most came out, but… it is not perfect. My dilema is what to do. I was supposed to send this in for the auction, but I feel like it is not quite right….. obviously.

Here are my after pictures, the before are in my flickr.

   ~front  (light is weird)

  ~back,  small spots here and there, but not too bad overall..

I love the bottom row… I don’t know why, but I really liked that row.. the bedrail is in the way..

I did not use any pattern.. I just used my inspiration from  Denise Schmidt and also The Quilt’s of Gee’s Bend I just checked that book out from the library. It is great. Very inspiring.

  ~here it is before the disaster..

oh me.. I learned my lesson, no cheating, no shortcuts.. always prewash. Funny thing is I usually always do prewash. I just was in a hurry. I am so disappointed. I just don’t think I send this in.   I guess I will go see what I have on hand. Bummer. Plus I am late on top of it all. 😦


5 thoughts on “Quilt is done, but small problem….

  1. I love the quilt! It’s so cute and the colors are really modern and cool. It looks cozy and who ever gets it will love it. That’s for sure.

  2. I honestly would send it in to the auction! I had a very difficult time even seeing the bleed, and even with that, I think anyone would be thrilled to the gills to get this beautiful quilt! I did think of Gee’s Bend as soon as I saw the pattern — I love it! And I wouldn’t let that little imperfection bother me at all. Did you know that years ago, quilters *intentionally* sewed a “mistake” into their quilts? I have two antique quilts that have obvious mistakes, and it doesn’t take away from their charm, usefulness, or value one bit. 🙂 I say, ‘well done’.

  3. I can’t see the problem either, but have a tip for you. I NEVER prewash my fabric because I too love the crinkled look. What I never fail to do though is wash my new quilts with “Color Catchers”. Shout is the brand I use, but there are others out there. Trust me when I say you wouldn’t believe how much faith I put in those little sheets!

  4. Hi Jenn, I absolutely love this quilt! The colors you chose and the blocks are really fabulous. I’m so glad you decided to send it in anyway, it will really be a blessing to the person who wins it!

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