~The quilt is off to LA~

   ~After many hours of deliberation and some very sweet comments I decided to go ahead and send in the quilt to the Nie Nie Benefit Etsy Auction set for Sept 23-24th. I included a handwritten  thank you note explaining my rationale and feelings regarding the quilt as to why I went ahead and sent in a less than perfect auction item.

My  heart was moved  to create this quilt,  I then had the washing/bleeding mishap and I was devastated. But in actuality I was  reminded of how human we all are. Seriously, we are human beings and we are not perfect. Therefore all that we are, all that we touch is really imperfect…. I tend to forget things like that.

I feel like even though I do not know Stephanie and Mr. Nelson, their children or any of their family, I really do know them on some level. I know they are in a family in crisis and they need support. So, this is my little tiny way of helping a family that is so far away, it is not much but my heart told me to do it and I listened.  So, to whomever (if anyone) purchases this quilt, just think of the little spots as a reminder that we are all human and try as we might, we will never be perfect….


4 thoughts on “~The quilt is off to LA~

  1. That is an amazing quilt, spot or no! I wish I could buy it. Didn’t ancient sculptors purposely leave a flaw in their work to remind us that to be human is to err?

  2. I love your quilt, nifty colors and cool selection of fabrics. Our bed has a quilt made by my grandmother’s family, there are a few spots here and there but it just reminds me that life happens, and that’s part of it. I actually prefer the slightly flawed but lovingly made over the machine-perfect! Good for you for making something pretty with such wonderful intentions in your heart.
    – Karen

  3. Wow! I know the spot drove you nuts (I don’t see it!), but what a perfect blessing it will be for someone (and for Stephanie’s family). Kudos to you!

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