Still grateful and swap updates…

It has been a while since I have posted my gratitude… grateful5so,  I just want to say how grateful I am for my new furnace. It is a wonderful thing. It is more energy efficient and all programable. We are so warm and cozy it is just crazy!  I do live in an old house and it was very hard to heat with the old furnace (some rooms too hot, some rooms to cold.)  They had vented it in an old chimney and that wrecked havoc on our plaster walls in one room. Ok~ Enough of the boring details, I am just so grateful for our new heat condensing, green, tax rebatable furnace.  Woo hoo! and for our friend who put it in for us.. not an easy job~!

Now for some fun~ Hope from Going Sew Crazy is doing a stocking full of cheer swap!
I have started working on the stocking and an ornament or 2.

   I gathered my materials..

   and I made a quilted stocking. I used this stocking pattern for my starting point. I changed it up just a bit..

   ~ I just kind of made it up as I went along.  I pieced the top using muslin as a base.  I then quilted it.  I used a very special piece of linen from my stash for the back.  I did a binding for the interior of the stocking to clean up the edges. I also did   a bindingfor the top of the stocking and then added a loop for hanging and I just could not stop without adding a little gingham ruffle.  I really like it!   I just can’t decide if I should wash it and crinkle or not..

I am slowly starting on my ornaments~  

I need to start working on my other swap…


This one will be a lot of fun as well!


8 thoughts on “Still grateful and swap updates…

  1. Great stocking. I love the use of the bold color and use of prints. I’ve always been kinda insecure about putting prints together. You do it with such confidence.

  2. Lovely stocking – after seeing that you have been cracking on with the swap it has got me into the sewing room today and I have made a couple of hanging ornaments for the same swap.

    • Hi Stephanie!
      I machine quilted this stocking, it was very easy! I quilted the front as I would a quilt and then used a piece of line for the backing. It seemed to cut down on the bulk to do it that way, although you could quilt the whole thing. Hope you try one, it was fun!

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