~Hats for Haiti and a little bit of Thankful~

capbutton_31     What a great cause !  

I had so much fun making these little hats! The pattern is on the website for a quick download. I got a few shirts from the thrift store (brand new), longs sleeves were $1.00 last week…. I could not help but put a little heart on a few of these sweet little caps. I know that each little bit of good intention can add up to a tidal wave of goodness.


I have really gotten behind in my  Thankful posts.. so I am making a list of some of the things that I have found myself feeling thankful for over the past few weeks…

   Thankful for fall beauty~

1. My home

2. My family

3. My bed each night

4. Food in our pantry

5. My crazy dogs and cats

6. Home made bread

7. Home made strawberry jam

8. My knitting chair

9. My sewing machine

10. New beginnings

11. My country and the hope of new beginnings.. 

12. The changing of the seasons

13. Fallen leaves soon to be composted…

14. My garden

15. My roses

16. My friends

17. My ability to sleep well

18. Soup (home made)

19. Root vegetables

20. My health

I really am thankful for all that we have and for the blessings we are yet to recieve. This time of year really brings me hope and a feeling of genuine happiness.  I wish that for everyone..


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