Holiday Tradition Swap done ..

Talking about traditions new and old…
I have just started quilting this year. I love the history and reading of the stories of the traditions of quilting. I am happy that I have learned a new craft that I can hopefully use to create a new tradition for my friends and family. I have always wanted to learn how to quilt, and it just goes to show the power of online blogging. I would not have been able to reach this goal without all the inspiration from fellow bloggers!

This is a lap quilt made for my swap partner in OR, based on her description of Christmas colors. It is made from linen and thicker home dec fabrics. I love the colors. I love the heavier weight of the fabric and when I washed the quilt with the cotton batting it crinkled up perfectly! It felt really good to me. I just hope Norma likes it.

I included just for fun just for fun~ a thrifted find of 2 Italian pottery plates that went perfectly with this vintage tablecloth. If post holiday blues try to settle in, just take a warm cup of tea and cake and gaze upon this little bit of sunshine
My swap buddy and I both have a love of finding thrifted goodies. So, for good measure I thought I would put this little find in. It was fun getting to know Norma, it seems we have a lot of similarities.

What would Christmas be without a new Christmas CD?

Here is a wonderful recipe for butter cookies (my dough is in the refrigerator even as i type):

1 c (2 sticks) unsalted butter room temperature
1/2 c sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1 large egg yolk
2 1/4 c all -purpose flour


In a large bowl of an electric mixer, cream the butter with the sugar, salt, and egg yolk until smooth. Blend in the flour until the mixture blends into a smooth dough. Wrap the dough in a plastic bag and refrigerate 1/2 hour or up to two days.

Preheat the over to 350 degrees. Roll out the dough onto a slightly floured surface to 1/8 inch thickness. Cut into desired shapes using the cookie cutters. Place on a lightly greased sheet. Bake for 12-15 minutes.

Enjoy! (Norma, sorry I forgot to put this recipe in the swap package!)

I hope my swap partner enjoys a little piece of my holiday traditions.. ūüôā

Package should be arriving very shortly! Happy Holidays!

Please read!

As of February 10, Simple Things by Jenn and thousands of others in the children’s industry will be deeply affected financially and or will be out of business.

Remember the outcry last holiday season over lead in imported toys? In order to combat such safety issues, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has passed legislation called the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). The law sets stringent guidelines for children’s products containing lead and phthalates (a chemical used in some vinyl products).

It is supposed to go into effect February 10th, 2009, and after that date any product intended for children ages 12 and under must meet these guidelines, and have a certificate of compliance from a CPSC-accredited laboratory. This includes not just toys, but clothing, jewelry, blankets, sheets, books, bibs, strollers, carriers, and anything else that a child under 12 might come in contact with. Sounds great, right?

In theory, maybe. But in actuality the law is so far reaching that it may succeed in turning the economy upside down. For starters, the CPSIA requires end unit testing on every product intended for use by children under 12. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to do this testing, regardless of how small the business. That means that manufacturers (like myself ) will have to pay to get every different product they offer tested. These tests have to be done at a CSPC accredited lab, and cost tens of thousands of dollars. For example if you offer 3 different types of dresses. Each dress contains 2 different fabrics, as well as buttons, and thread, so that’s potentially $600 to test one dress. But if you have 3 or more styles, that’s $1800. And when you get a new bolt of fabric, you need to start all over again.

At present, there are no exemptions for small businesses and “micro” manufacturers and most handcraft artisans. There is no exception for quantities made, where the garments/products are made or anything else. Nor is there an exception for unadorned fabric components, unfinished wood components, materials which, by their nature, are free of lead and phthalates.

Also, the Act takes a “guilty until proven innocent” approach, which would treat a handmade, unfinished wooden toy that doesn’t meet the certification deadline of 2/10/09 as a “banned hazardous substance” which would be illegal to distribute in this country. Each infraction carries a $100,000 felony charge. This legislation is also retroactive for any pre-existing inventory as of February 10th, 2009. This means that everything on the shelves in those big (or small) stores will also be “banned, hazardous substances” – contraband.

Larger corporations that can afford testing will incur thousands, maybe millions of dollars in fees, and this expense will be handed down to the consumer, probably making the prices for children’s products go through the roof.

This also means that after that date, even selling your kids old things on eBay or Craigslist will be illegal. Charities will not be able to accept donations without a certificate of compliance either. February 10, 2009 is being dubbed ‚ÄúNational Bankruptcy Day‚ÄĚ by many people in the apparel and toy industry. If this legislation is not amended, it will affect everyone from port workers to parents looking for legal products. Billions of dollars worth of children’s products will have to be destroyed because they can‚Äôt be legally sold, and this will cause major environmental problems.

While I am all for higher safety standards and keeping our kids safe, this law is so overreaching as to put thousands on manufacturers of children’s products out of business -hurting our economy and causing even more loan defaults. Though this legislation was well-intentioned, it cannot be allowed to stand as is.Please help us defend the American dream and our entrepreneurial spirit! This law affects every stay at home mom trying to help put food on the table and every grandmother knitting blankets for the local craft fair. It makes the thousands of us who have found a niche in the burgeoning children’s market have to make a tough decision – continue to produce items illegally and possible incur a $100,000 fine, pay the enormous fees and raise costs of goods sold, or close up shop!

Please help us!Contact your Congressperson using this link:

It only takes 30 seconds!If you have an extra minute send a hard copy of the letter as well!To sign the online petition:

Read more about it here:

Please copy and paste this on your blogs, we need all the help we can get!

I copied this article from Knuckleheads Clothing.

*I barely have a shop, but I don’t like the implications if I really depended on making my living as a small independent artisian. This also affects those of us who like to thrift and repurpose, recycle and reuse.

Oh dear, behind and sick….

I am so behind on blogging, gift- making, and package sending…

I started a new job and then got sick. Oh dear!
The best Christmas Program was enjoyed today~
Thankfully the teacher gifts had been completed…. I still love this little elf shoe and it makes a great gift!

Let’s see, tree is up, Holiday Tradition Swap is done, just need to pack and mail.. baking supplies purchased… I am slogging through I suppose.. I have to just get up and pack the swap package through my chills and knit a few more of these cowls~ I have already made one and they are fast and cute. Very warm for these frigid days.. We did miss the ice storm that was supposed slam us a few days ago, so that is good.

I received my “stocking full of cheer” swap package several days ago and oh my was it cute! My camera died before I got to photograph all the goodies.. ūüė¶ but trust me it was good! here is the stocking.. look at this little santa charmer hanging on … how cute! Nadine did a great job and all of her gifts were so well done. Very creative and thoughtful. I hope her package has made it to her home safe and sound. I was late with that one too.

Oh dear. Too much going on! but this little elf shoe sure makes me happy!

So did my little one~

~It is Sew Mama Sew Give-a-way Day! A Give-A-Way for You!


Heidi who said~

Beautiful stockings РMy husband and I were just saying that we need to get one for our daughter (it’s her first Christmas) It would be wonderful to win one Рwhat a lovely store to tell her when she gets older.

Please email me with your address!

And, I am going to have to give away the dinosaur one as well as I was overwhelmed with all of the response! I wish I had something to give everyone!

and   foxsquirrelrabbit who said~

Both of your stockings are so lovely, what a nice way to create beauty out of recycled elements. I would love to win the dinosaur stocking for my two year old nephew who will be spending the holidays with us!


Please email me so I can get these packages off to you both. Thank you everyone!

Update: Oh my goodness, what a response! I have

 loved reading each and every comment. Everyone has been so sweet. My little helper has gone to bed, but I will announce the winner tomorrow afternoon after I get home from work.  So, if you want to enter there is still time.  Thank you everyone for playing along!



I am so excited to participate in Sew Mama Sew’s Give-A-Way day! It makes¬†me feel good to give. ¬†I love it! This year with so much doom and gloom¬†I have often been overwhelmed at times.¬† I am¬†feeling¬† hopeful for¬†the future. ¬†I am hoping for a stable and healthy year with my family. We have had some hard times these past few years. We have suffered loss, too¬†many, and a scare or¬†two. ¬†We have had our joys as well. I welcome each day for its newness and¬† I always hope for a better tomorrow. Everyday I try to do this. So, in order for me to feel good and hopeful I like to give.
I really do. It may not be much, but my intentions are sincere.

So, my gift to a lucky recipient is a stocking of your choice along with some goodies  to fill it with.

     a stocking for a boy or

¬†¬†¬†¬† a stocking for a¬†¬†¬†girl…..












¬†I hope the dinosaurs do not offend, it is not my intention at all. I just loved the fabric.¬† The white heirloom inspired¬† stocking could be for a girl or a boy.¬†¬† You pick which you prefer and tell me for boy or girl and I will fill it up and it is yours to give, keep or whatever…

¬† ~ wooden puzzles, wooden car, Christmas Story…..

inside the Edwardian book~

¬† The Edwardian House book is so cool! It has 8 rooms with incredible details.¬† I have 2 wooden puzzles, several books and some really pretty bunny sisters.. that should help fill a little one’s stocking.¬† Stockings were made with repurposed materials. The boy stocking is quilted and the white heirloom¬† stocking is handpieced and then machine stitched.¬†¬† All toys have been collected from various thrift stores.

Happy Holidays from me to you!

To enter, just leave a comment.

¬†I will pick a winner¬†tonight by 10:00pm¬†Central time! I will mail by Monday….

Good luck!


~a quilted table runner and Give-a-way Day news!


I had high hopes of making a Fall/Harvest quilted table runner. My table is quite large and I knew it would need to be big.

I used Sandi Henderson’s Farmer’s Market Fabrics along with Amy Butler’s orange dots… I played around with lots of different ideas, scraps etc. but I ended up favoring a cleaner look. I took the orange fabrics and used the last of my thrifted linen sheet.. I like the cleaner look of it. I quilted it freestyle.
It is a bit wonky but after it was washed and dried, I can live with it. It fits my table and it is good. Just got it done a few days too late for our Thanksgiving celebration. Oh well, it figures now I am ready to sweep clean all signs of harvest and move on to some Christmas Cheer.

see how long it is?? It took forever to sew the binding on…
I decided I like orange quilts…

check back on Dec 3rd for the Sew Mama Sew giveaway! I am planning on something fun for this giveaway!


I almost forgot, view of the back~