Another little baby quilt project~

Another little baby quilt done!

I have a friend who was expecting her 2nd grandchild, first girl on January 6th. She is very thrifty and very frugal and for some reason I just felt like this type quilt would suit her and her new grandbaby very well.

I used an assortment of my favorite vintage sheets, with a little help from Sam~
it seemed to come together very quickly. He quickly let me know it would do fine, without missing a beat!~ I used a soft minky type fleece on the back my favorite part of it all is the dainty fabric I used for binding. I just love it!
I actually had an ulterior motive for doing this quilt, I thought I could include one of my dresses I made last summer or this one. There is no sense letting these sit around when there is a little girl soon to be big enough to wear them!
So, off they go. I used Elizabeth’s (from Oh Fransson) idea/instruction for making the quilt top, quilting the top then add the minky backing. You then bind the traditional way. I can’t wait to give it to my friend!


3 thoughts on “Another little baby quilt project~

  1. I just love the sheets you use, they are so beautiful. I have to confess to never going into a charity/thrift shop. (Shame on Me) May be that should be one of my objectives for the year; to find my local shop and step inside.

  2. I buy sheets to make skirts and blankets too. Your daughters quilt turned out wonderful! I get so many compliments on the quilt you made me. Thanks again so very much!!!

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