My gosh, I have been gone so long!

Well, hello there!

I have no explanation for why I have been gone so long. Call it what you may, I guess starting a new job, ending an old job, mixed in with the Holidays.. I guess I just got a bit overwhelmed.

I am thankful the month of December is behind me. I am thankful to be moving right along through these winter months. We have had so far a rather pleasant January.

What have I been up to? Well, just some quilt making going on here..
I started with my daughter’s quilt that I had intended to give her for Christmas. However, it was not to be. I just could not get it done in time, and I really wanted to enjoy the process not rush through it feeling panicked. No, that would not do at all.
Just today I stitched the binding and all that is left to do is to finish hand sewing it down and of course the best part, wash it and dry it for that perfect crumple!

Here is kind of a long view.  The light is horrible these days..  My inspiration came from Amanda Jean and Alissa My gosh these ladies are so talented!
I changed it ever so slightly by changing the side piece colors as opposed to all one design on the surrounding block. This was just a personal choice I made with the personality of the recipient in mind of course!

Here are some close ups of a few of the blocks..

I loved making this quilt. It came together very quickly and the colors of the Amy Butler, Famer’s Market and some others from my stash just make this so cheerful. I know my daughter is going to love it. I don’t have the finished measurements yet, but it is for her twin bed.

and just a little peek at the vintage sheet I used for the backing~

it might be hard to make out the colors, but I love this sheet! I knew when I saw it that I would used it for a quilting project. The colors and flowers are so dainty, they just make the quilt special… funny enough I found 2 sets of these sheets (flat and a fitted).  Apparently they had never been used, but had been labeled (machine printed) with a girls name and address that are not more than 5 miles from where I live.  How wild is that??? I have never seen labeling like that before. I just thought that was so cool!

I am so excited to be a part of Project Improv I found myself agreeing completely with Jacquie when it comes to following instructions, patterns etc. I am not that tedious of a person, I like to flow more. I have no idea how to “really quilt” I am self taught completely and I just learn from reading, reading reading and just going for it. That is exactly what I did when I made this quilt. I had just gotten Denise Scmidt’s book and I had just read the Quilts of Gee’s Bend. I find the more I do the better I seem to get. (Or so I like to think!) I am not a perfectionist really, because I know that I can not be perfect nor can what I make be completely perfect either. Most everything I make I make with positive energy and warm thoughts of the recipient and I hope that that is what comes across.


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