~Project Improv~

I played around with some left over fabrics from my last quilt project.
My color assignment for Project Improv is pink and orange. I started with the Joel Dewberry aviary fabric and the little piece of the Amy Butler wave fabric. I added each piece free form working my way out. As I made my way out I began to measure and square up the block as I added the vintage sheet strip and the Amy Butler wave pattern. I have to say this block has too much going on in it for me to really love it. I knew I was not loving it as I made it but I just kept going. I did enjoy the process of making the block and I am glad I am posting it as I can now look at it with a more critical eye. I now know which direction I am going to go in for the next block I make. All in all this was a positive experience.


2 thoughts on “~Project Improv~

  1. Hi Jenn, I like how it turned out! You have turned into quite the quilter, love your new banner. I’m taking part in the improv project as well, in the same color combo! I still need to get started on it….

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