~making me happy~

Yesterday morning we had a very brief “snow storm” in other words we had flurries for about an hour or two.   I have to say it was so pretty. Big fat white snowflakes. They melted almost instantly, but were lovely nonetheless.

I love this cardinal.  He and the Mrs. have been with us for a long time.  I love him all the time, but he really cheers me during these winter months. How can you not be happy seeing those beautiful red feathers? His mate is just as beautiful with her golden feathers and orange beak.


just look at these cute shoes…

I just really love these shoes, my latest thrift store find… ($1.98)

Also, my new foamer tool thingy to top this little cup of java… inspired by this post ~I have the same little silver stove top espresso pot.  In fact it was another thrift store find. After reading that post, I had to dig it out and give it a go.  It was fantastic!

I also found this great little blog Attic 24 it is so colorful and inspiring. I can not get enough bright colors right now. I am really over January. To long, to gray to cold for me.  So,  I have decided to make this cute little bag isn’t it the cutest thing ever??? Love it!

Hope your January is bright and cheery!


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