~Sand and Sea baby quilt~

My cousin lives in Spain.   She and her husband run this wonderful resort. She is going to have her first baby within a few short weeks. We wanted to send a little  something to welcome their first son..


with images such as this, I had a pretty clear idea of where I wanted to go with this quilt.  I knew that I wanted to use Heather Ross’ Mendocino line, I knew I wanted a masculine feel. I wanted to include natural linen.  I wanted fabric that made you feel the sand and the sea.. I think that is what I achieved.

I took my inspiration from here and here.
and here is the back.  I am pretty happy with it, except the back shifted some during quilting. However, the overall look is wrinkled crinkled and it will be ok.   I love the binding it is a pale pale blue polka dot and it looks like the blue blue sky.

I just hope Mama and Papa and little baby boy love it and are able to spend many hours sitting by the sea watching the waves roll in.


5 thoughts on “~Sand and Sea baby quilt~

  1. wow this turned out wonderful!!! I still can’t believe you’ve been quilting for such a short time. Good job!!! They will love it~

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