Hand knit Spring Sweater… check!

My first completed knit of the year… is the Soulful Hues cap sleeved Spring top. When I saw this post from JC Handmade I knew just what I wanted to do. I know I am such a copy cat, but sometimes you just don’t know until you know…. I picked up 3 skeins of Malabrigo yarns (YUM!) last fall and man do I LOVE it. I made a cowl out of one skein, and just had the pink and brown hanging around.

This little sweater is fast, easy and fun to make. I started on Thursday and finished up last night. I was kind of confused in my own mind when I started and I realized much much later that I should have done the neck rib in a smaller needle then what I used, otherwise I think it looks just fine. For the sleeves I added a simple single crochet to help prevent the curled sleeves.

It was super fun to make.  It boosted my confidence a bit as well, I have not really been producing that many knits.  Some scarfs, some cowls, but not many other wearables.  There are just so many things I seem to be into and  I just  can’t do it all.  I end up gettting frustrated and overwhelmed.  This little sweater just helped change my feelings so that is a good thing.  I do seem to  have a few UFO’s sitting around, maybe this will help me work up some gumption to finish??

Most important though a little girl I know really likes it her sweater and really isn’t that what really matters?

I think so!


3 thoughts on “Hand knit Spring Sweater… check!

  1. It’s a beauty Jenn! Someday I will grow up with my knitting skills and be able to knit a sweater in a matter of a few days. Until then……. I’ll admire your work! It looks great on her!

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