Look Ma!! I made butter~

When I was a child my favorite favorite books were all of the Little House on the Prairie books. I just  LOVED them. I read them all probably no less then 1000 times.  Seriously! They were  my go to books when I did not have new books to read.   My dad would take us to the library every Saturday where we were allowed to check out stacks of books.  I was an avid reader when I was a young girl.  After I finished reading the  books I would go back to my Little House books.  Every  Sunday after church  I would eat my Ramen noodles and read one of the Little House Books.  Oh those were good times..

Some of the best things about Little House on the Prairie books are the vivid details of the ordinary tasks they would do. Remember when Ma would churn the butter? She would  color the milk with a grated carrot. Then churn the butter and then put it in her butter mold with the little strawberry and 2 leaf design. Oh, I loved those stories.

So, I was reading here at Amy’s and then found this. Well, I had to do it. I just had to.. it goes back to Little House of course…   This is what turned out… it is so easy and really good!

So, here it is in all of its glory, home made butter (minus the churn), buttermilk and a little bouquet of bulbs from the garden.  Homemade bread is baking.. yum!  Thank you Laura!


6 thoughts on “Look Ma!! I made butter~

  1. I, too, love Laura Ingalls Wilder. I think there must be a thousand women like us, who grew up reading those books and dream of coloring their homemade butter with grated carrot.

    I made butter too, a few weeks ago!

    Sweetfern Handmade

  2. I also grew up loving the Little House Books. As a Girl Scout Leader, I would have a pioneer night with the girls at my house. We would build a fire in the fireplace, read some the Little House stories by hurricane lamplight, make a loaf of homemade bread and real butter from scratch with heavy cream and baby food jars. Each girl had her own jar filled partway with the cream and had to tip it back and forth until she made butter. If you shook it too hard, you made whipping cream instead. It was lots of fun.

  3. I remember once in one of the books they added carrot peelings and strained them out. The shavings turned the butter a pretty orange color! You’re right…she did always go into a lot of detail, didn’t she?! They were my favorites too:)

  4. So, i’m an idiot! I got so excited at your butter post that I went ahead and posted before I finished reading. Durrr. It’s cool to see that others find butter making equally interesting;)

  5. What a coincidence! I just wrote about the book and how much I loved those stories. Thanks for helping me remember the butter story — I should probably get a new copy since I lost mine a while ago 😦

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