Juliet Sweater done!

(Please excuse my mirror, it is clean now!)

This is my attempt at Juliet. I am not sure what to say. It was challenging to make. I started in the fall of 08. I guess I had to much going on to stick with it. If I remember right the pattern part of the sweater was off and I got mad and just put it away. Fast forward to March 09, I felt like getting it off my list of UFO’s. So, I frogged back to the yoke. I started over and it seemed to go better. I think I had a few issues now looking at it. For sure, I made it way too big. I made the large. Should have started out with a medium neckline and then went into a small. I opted for the cropped length and that part is ok.
You can really see on this photo that the bottom 4 rows are right and the top half something is off.

The sweater kind of swallows me up. It is really full. Again, all going back to the size choice I made. I used wool and it is heavy the pattern calls for knitting with two strands. I would certainly use different yarn and size down.  I think this would be so cute for summer evenings when you will be in air conditioning. I always get cold  in a movie theater, or restaurant.

I will call this  a learning experience.    My grandmother would say a man on horseback… so, I am going with that.

note to self, fix crooked buttons…


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