~Hummingbirds and other garden delights~

My little friends are back!   We have had our feeder up since late March, but it was not until April 8th that I saw my first little friend.  Last year it was April 14th.    The family and I are  just thrilled to have our buddies back.  Oh how we’ve missed them!! Now if I can just arrange to have my camera ready when I see one!

We had to get a new feeder  our previous one  lasted a few years and we finally wore it out.   There  is our new one  all pretty and filled with  fresh  nectar Yum!

My roses are really behind this Spring.   It has been rather cool  so far.  However, a few have popped open.   Martha Gonzales is a found china rose.  Love love love it. If you need a great little nonstop bloomer then this will work for you.

Baby Love miniature rose. I really love this little beauty. It is hard to find a really strong and healthy yellow rose. This one is outstanding. I love roses that just do their thing.. no fuss, no worries..  they just shine.

I wish I could remember the name of this clematis.. I need to go back through my records.  I know I got it from Silver Star Vinery.  Actually I believe it is Artic Queen. It is a beautiful white. It appears to start out with a touch of a blush on it and then turns to a clear beautiful white.

Happy Easter!

In the garden with a new linen dress….

Spring has arrived in our garden… we are loving that. It has been too long since we have been able to linger in our garden.
Six year olds grow so fast. A new dress was in order. A cute Butterick pattern was selected along with some red and tan linen. I see a little french girl in my mind…

Our garden is an enchanting place for a 6 year old girl. There are flowers to find. Sticks and stones to be gathered…

There is a soothing rhythm to our garden.  Things happen in the same order each Spring.  Old friend are rediscovered.

Hours in the sun playing make believe games and building fairy houses..  Some of my fondest memories of my children is seeing them huddled over smelling flowers. That is a joyous sight.

Antique rose “Old Blush” is always first to bloom..

Bright magenta azaelas are always pleasing.  Enjoy your Spring!

~Shalom Cardigan~

I can’t stop ~I’ve got the knitting bug.  I seem to go from one project to the next.  I usually obsess over one craft until I burn out.

I was all about the quilting until ~wham~ I got the itch to knit.  I haven’t done much since last fall, but a few weeks ago it hit and now I am totally into it.  With all of the worries in the world knitting just  grounds me. It seems to comfort my worried mind.  It’s so peaceful to just sit and knit. 

I love this pattern, love the yarn I used. It is so soft. Love the color. Kind of a plumy color. Now that I have made the pattern, I know some changes I would make. Cast on fewer stitches to begin with. I did some short rows for the back, don’t think I needed them. Some how I forgot to continue the garter stitch border whoops!

I need to pay more attention….

It will do though I think for a light weight spring/summer cardigan..

Raverly info here.  If you need a summer cardigan….