~Shalom Cardigan~

I can’t stop ~I’ve got the knitting bug.  I seem to go from one project to the next.  I usually obsess over one craft until I burn out.

I was all about the quilting until ~wham~ I got the itch to knit.  I haven’t done much since last fall, but a few weeks ago it hit and now I am totally into it.  With all of the worries in the world knitting just  grounds me. It seems to comfort my worried mind.  It’s so peaceful to just sit and knit. 

I love this pattern, love the yarn I used. It is so soft. Love the color. Kind of a plumy color. Now that I have made the pattern, I know some changes I would make. Cast on fewer stitches to begin with. I did some short rows for the back, don’t think I needed them. Some how I forgot to continue the garter stitch border whoops!

I need to pay more attention….

It will do though I think for a light weight spring/summer cardigan..

Raverly info here.  If you need a summer cardigan….

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