In the garden with a new linen dress….

Spring has arrived in our garden… we are loving that. It has been too long since we have been able to linger in our garden.
Six year olds grow so fast. A new dress was in order. A cute Butterick pattern was selected along with some red and tan linen. I see a little french girl in my mind…

Our garden is an enchanting place for a 6 year old girl. There are flowers to find. Sticks and stones to be gathered…

There is a soothing rhythm to our garden.  Things happen in the same order each Spring.  Old friend are rediscovered.

Hours in the sun playing make believe games and building fairy houses..  Some of my fondest memories of my children is seeing them huddled over smelling flowers. That is a joyous sight.

Antique rose “Old Blush” is always first to bloom..

Bright magenta azaelas are always pleasing.  Enjoy your Spring!


2 thoughts on “In the garden with a new linen dress….

  1. The dress you made is just fabulous Jenn! I cannot believe all the flowers you have already! We still have bits of snow but I know spring is a comin!

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