Hexagon quilt beginnings.. piece by piece



~I have been slowly piecing my hexagon quilt together hexagon by hexagon.   I am loving this process. It is slow and there is no way to rush through the process.  This is a good lesson for me.. I am very guilty of rushing through a project to get to the end result.   I always want to get to the end and fast!

Summer is in full effect here, it is so so hot and dry. There is nothing to do except stay cool.  I have found myself working on more and more projects that I can just sit  quietly and work.  There is  a little bit of zen to be found in  sitting and focusing on one task.

~ I am not certain of my exact plan for layout of this quilt and I am not certain  how I will quilt it..


 This quilt is for baby Caroline  so it will be crib sized.  I can’t decide if I want to border it or not.. I am also not sure how I want to quilt it.  One thing is for sure there is enough time to decide since there is so much  work left to do.  

~A little bit of baby bedding~

Wow, major computer issues~ Major! Oh well, apparently I am back on..!

Ok, now to my post …

15 years ago my stepfather made a baby cradle with the hopes of having many grandchildren to grace it. We welcomed our first daughter soon after. She slept in the hand made cradle for the first few months of her life.  It was wonderful literally having her right next to us. Over the years it traveled to Indiana for another little one, then back to us in 2003 for our second daughter. Once again when our little baby was too big we packed up it and returned to our family.  Packed away until it is needed again.   In January when my  sister told us she was expecting  and soon after my mother brought out the cradle for baby Caroline she also brought out the cradle bedding.   It is practically fifteen years old and not only was it showing its age, it is not exactly heirloom quality.  No worries~

 I knew just what to do! I did what any good aunt would do, I started sewing.  Now baby Caroline will have just a little bit of bedding to keep her cozy.  I hope she knows how much her Aunt Jen loves her already!

 ~ coverlet made in with the floral fabric, reversed in the pink check made with a tan-ish ruffle

  ~ the bumper is the pink check with the floral piping..

Now, if I could just find some organic flannel for the cradle sheet I would be good to go.. any ideas? I just want an off white ~or  cream color..

~WIP~ Grandmother’s Garden

We had very exciting news … I am going to be an aunt very soon!! I am so excited to finally be an aunt.

Little baby Caroline can not get here soon enough. I have been busy working on several different projects.  I will be sharing those soon enough. First though are some ideas I have had in my mind for this little sweetie~

I used this method and it is slow going. I love it though. I really enjoyed the handwork involved in creating these little hexagons. I can just imagine a little quilt made up of these. However, I do not know if I have enough time. She will be here soon (Sept). I have been playing around with a few other ideas and I am not sure which I will choose. I really like these though. One thing for sure is you need to have your thimble ready. Ouch, my fingers are sore! I am not very coordinated with mine.

  ~2 down, 100 more to go??? Oh dear….