Hexagon quilt beginnings.. piece by piece



~I have been slowly piecing my hexagon quilt together hexagon by hexagon.   I am loving this process. It is slow and there is no way to rush through the process.  This is a good lesson for me.. I am very guilty of rushing through a project to get to the end result.   I always want to get to the end and fast!

Summer is in full effect here, it is so so hot and dry. There is nothing to do except stay cool.  I have found myself working on more and more projects that I can just sit  quietly and work.  There is  a little bit of zen to be found in  sitting and focusing on one task.

~ I am not certain of my exact plan for layout of this quilt and I am not certain  how I will quilt it..


 This quilt is for baby Caroline  so it will be crib sized.  I can’t decide if I want to border it or not.. I am also not sure how I want to quilt it.  One thing is for sure there is enough time to decide since there is so much  work left to do.  


4 thoughts on “Hexagon quilt beginnings.. piece by piece

  1. It is looking beautiful. I think it is good to take your time as well. I am finding it the same way with a crochet blanket i am working on. It gets bigger every night, but I am still a long way off finishing it.
    The baby will treasure such a blanket

  2. Jenn this is absolutely beautiful! I could never do one of these by hand but I just finished a hexagon top that I pieced by machine. I’m totally hooked and wanting to put flowers on everything!

  3. Beautiful work Jenn. I admire your patience on piecing this quilt together. What a family heirloom it will be! I have never made a quilt before and your posts make me want to try.

  4. How’s it coming along Jenn? I am hooked on this EPP myself and keep looking for new ideas. It’s amazing how fast it grows just doing a little every day.

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