~You can be a Flea Market Fancy Freak !!~


We all love the Flea Market Fancy fabric line, but so sadly it is out of print and very hard to find.

My friend Penny from Sewtakeahike has started a wonderful campaign to bring it back!!

You can go here and join in the cause to bring this great line back! Maybe just maybe we can do it!

Finger’s crossed and I promise to buy a lot if it does! You know what they say ~ a promise is a promise !!~

~Iraqi Bundle of Love~

~my Iraqi Bundle of Love (IBOL) is now airborne!

Follow the progress here
and on if you are on facebook  then follow here.  This is a great cause, check it out and pass it on!!

Also, I could not find an APO box- one clerk told me they don’t make those anymore.  I did not believe that, but when I went to another branch this morning to check one more time,  the clerk told me when they put in the zip code  it automatically knows it is an APO address which makes perfect sense now but not being able to find the correct box was stressing me out.   Anyway when I shipped the package what she said was correct and of course it all worked out just fine! 

     ~package inspected and approved by Sam~

~Iraqi Bundles of Love~ Taking time to give thanks and helping others~



Ok, here is one of the coolest ideas I have seen a while.  I love the idea of sharing what I have, but I don’t always have the time and  the energy to make and to give to all that I want to..  Sometimes I don’t have the proper avenue in which to share myself, or give what I have to share.

There are great projects out there…don’t get me wrong but this  project  just really spoke to me.

This is a great way to clear out all of the bits and bobs that you are stashing.  Everything will be used for something. How perfect is that? The Iraqi people will waste nothing. They can use anything you can spare!
Old projects you have not completed? No problem! Knitter’s and crocheter’s? You are able to help as well~ send yarn, needles, hooks~ whatever you can spare!
If you collect vintage sheets (I do!), send your scraps, large pieces of fabric, bobbins, thread, needles, scissors, beads, old craft projects? Yes, send it on!
Anyone can help, it will cost you about $11.95 for a large APO box (that may be picked up from the Post Office), just think about giving of yourself, while cleaning up a little.  Everyone wins!   You may never know what becomes of your donation, but rest assured you have helped someone ~ somewhere!


Here is a way we  can give thanks to all of those in sevice for our country, who are giving of themselves in ways we may never imagine.


I will update once I have my bundled prepared!  Now, off to PO!

~A memory~


My daughter told me a story today in the car on the way home from school.  “Guess what~ me and Lindsy place outside together during recess.” “Guess what we play” 

 “I don’t know, what do you two play?”

“Well, we play bird nest, we find all of the pine needles and  then we build a nest”
“Guess what we found today” 

 “I don’t know, what did you find?”

“Well, today we found a feather, and guess what, we put it in our nest. Then we played birds, mama bird with babies.” “I hope it is still there tomorrow.” 

Followed by at least 15 more minutes of in-depth conversation that I will  not repeat, but  what a sweet little story.    It brought back a memory that I almost had completely forgotten. 

When I was in kindergarten, my little best friend…  I can’t quite remember her name, but she was my best friend and we played incessantly together. 

One of our most favorite games we would play was the one we played with our pencils, it was known as pencil house. 

Do you remember the little wooden pencil boxes? Well, those boxes were our houses for our little pencil people.  We had mama’s, dads, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles & cousins.. you name it we had it. We used big pencils, little pencils, medium sized pencils.  No pencil would ever be left out, no they would just join our little family. 

 On the playground we would search for any little pencils and you would be surprised what we would find and where. I found many a good pencil on the school bus.  We played so much not only in recess, but in class. We would get so mad when we couldn’t play our little  pencil people family game.   That old  teacher just talked way to much as far as we were concerned.  The more we played the more extensive our pencil families would become. 

 Good times I tell you, good times!

Oh me.. I had almost completely forgotten about that.  In fact, I might not have ever remembered that fun little time if I had not spent time listening to the ever rambling little six year old..  So much passion for play and imagination bundled into that little being!

This is what I love about being a mom, you not only see yourself in your children, but they can actually help you find a small part of yourself that you might have ordinarily forgotten.   I think that is way cool!

I have to leave you with a beautiful old rose named Mrs. BR Cant it is a real doer in my garden. It sits front and center in my wild garden. The blooms are gorgeous, have a pleasant scent, and after each little rain storm I will usually get a new flush. Of course it blooms big time right after my sister’s big day, of course it does. 

~Baby Shower check!~

So, I spent all week in suspense.  We had the shower for my sister… yay! Now I can show what I have been working on.

I made a decision to change from my hexagonquilt, to a string quilt.  I honestly was feeling uninspired for some reason. I also was seeing some flaws with my handsewing that was beginning to make me crazy.  Plus it has been a while since I made my last quilt so I was itching to get back to what I know I can do. For the fabric selection… it is a mix of  fabrics. My sister picked out her main fabric.. the lindley yellow check and a blue floral “Lucinda” from Covington. Originally to work off of the colors, I chose Tanya Whelan prints from the Darla collection. I love that line. It is very soft and girly. However, I felt like I needed some zip. That is where the Good Folk fabric came in. I just love the colors and the way they all seem to work off of each other. I was inpsired by this and thisquilt. I used a 2 inch white kona cotton strip in each block. I chose a large block to show the fabrics off. To finish the quilt I used this tutorial I like the idea of a handwritten label for my niece’s first quilt.

To finish it all off I made a little coordinating envelope quilted pillow. Love the back!


I will still complete the hexagon quilt, I just have to be inspired again..  I encourage you to make a string quilt.  It is kind of magical when you trim down your block. The whole thing just transforms.

  ~ love love love this itty bitty dress pattern!


I also made the itty bitty baby dress from Made by Rae  Omg!!  I love love love this pattern. I love it because it reminds me of when I first learned to sew, my daughter was just a few months old. I really wanted to be able to make her clothes. I signed up for a class at our local college. My husband bought me a little Viking and it was a workhorse. We got to pick out a pattern and we worked our way through it. I picked a dress and it was a lined bodice with a gathered skirt. This pattern just brought me back to the beginning. It made me so happy!

I ended up making bloomers from a pattern I had at home. I love the fabric I used the Anna Marie Horner Good Folks collection. Wow~ what a great line! I can not say enough about the fabric. I love the weight of it. I love the way it sewed up and how it look after I pressed. It has a very rich feel to it. Love love love it.
If you notice it coordinates with the quilt ever so slightly.
Finished off with a few burp cloths using left over fabric scraps.

 One cozy blanket and that finished up the gift. I loved every minute I spent on these little gifts.. thinking about this little one who is yet to be born. Who will she be, what will she be like??   Right now it just does not matter.. I am just ready to meet her when her time comes.


more pics in flickr