~Iraqi Bundles of Love~ Taking time to give thanks and helping others~



Ok, here is one of the coolest ideas I have seen a while.  I love the idea of sharing what I have, but I don’t always have the time and  the energy to make and to give to all that I want to..  Sometimes I don’t have the proper avenue in which to share myself, or give what I have to share.

There are great projects out there…don’t get me wrong but this  project  just really spoke to me.

This is a great way to clear out all of the bits and bobs that you are stashing.  Everything will be used for something. How perfect is that? The Iraqi people will waste nothing. They can use anything you can spare!
Old projects you have not completed? No problem! Knitter’s and crocheter’s? You are able to help as well~ send yarn, needles, hooks~ whatever you can spare!
If you collect vintage sheets (I do!), send your scraps, large pieces of fabric, bobbins, thread, needles, scissors, beads, old craft projects? Yes, send it on!
Anyone can help, it will cost you about $11.95 for a large APO box (that may be picked up from the Post Office), just think about giving of yourself, while cleaning up a little.  Everyone wins!   You may never know what becomes of your donation, but rest assured you have helped someone ~ somewhere!


Here is a way we  can give thanks to all of those in sevice for our country, who are giving of themselves in ways we may never imagine.


I will update once I have my bundled prepared!  Now, off to PO!


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