~Fall Quilt Festival 09~


It is Fall Quilt Fest over at Amy’s Park City Girl blog
I was excited to join. 

This is not my best quilt, not at all, but it is extremely important to me, and it has taught me many things..

I believe that as we do, we become better. Especially with quilting, I seem to learn with every project.

The quilt I am choosing to show is one that I made about 1 year ago… Do you remember Nie Nie? Stephanie Neilson? She was in a horrible plane crash with her husband Mr. Neilson, and his flight instructor/friend Doug. The Neilson’s are well on their way to recovery but unfortunately Doug passed during that first night…
There was a huge outpouring of support and many benefits held in their honor to help with the medical expenses and all of the costs associated with such a tragic event. I felt that I needed to do something to help, no matter how small or insignificant it might be.

Hence this lovely little quilt. This one I am really happy with, it is completely randomly pieced~ improvisational style, I loved the colors, which I chose based on the thought of Arizona or the west, the sky, the sun, the desert, the mountains.  Sunset colors bold and simple.. the purple color, I don’t know, I think I thought it just needed that. Maybe it was a symbol of a desert flower…. I can’t quite  remember but anyway…




I think it all worked  out just fine.

Even though I did not pre-wash my dark colors, oops!! The color ran and I thought all was lost, however I spent so much time making that quilt, I just washed and washed it.  The stains mostly came out and I debated whether or not to send it… basically people were so sweet they said send it. They also reminded me that because it was handmade, the imperfections only make it sweeter and give a reminder that we are not perfect and never will be. It is simply impossible.

So, off it went..



And guess what? It sold immediately! Of course all items did, but still, it did sell!

Mission accomplished.  I felt great. This one act really changed my thinking, yes I love to create, but I don’t need all of the things that I make. You can only give so much as gifts, etc. So, now I craft with a little more purpose and I like to incorporate giving into my life. Great projects exist out there… Craft Hope, Mountain Baby Blankets, Iraqi Bundle of Love, Mama to Mama these are just a few..

  ~the back..


 ~ you can see my free motion quilting is kind of all over the place…

  ~ my corners appear a mess!

But, my point is, just do what you do, you never know where your journey will lead you, nor will you know how it will affect you.

I believe we came full circle this very week, as I watched Mr. and Mrs. Neilson on the Oprah Show !! Wow, she looks amazing, her husband looks wonderful as well.  Her spirit is as strong and lovely as ever, and I am truly touched by that!  I am so inspired to not only be a better mom, wife, but also to keep doing what I love because it is important, it really is..


26 thoughts on “~Fall Quilt Festival 09~

  1. Ratz! There are just too many beautiful quilts from the festival that are making me cry because of their stories…and yours is one of them. What a beautiful and precious gift. I love the flower fabric on the back! Thank you for having such a huge heart and always willing to learn from yourself.

  2. I too watched the episode of Oprah this week and cried almost through the whole show. This post brought tears to my eyes just thinking about all they have gone through. What a wonderful quilt you made for such a great cause. Thanks for sharing this story.

  3. Thank you for sharing this amazing story. I absolutely love your quilt. I love the colors and the improvisational quilting – something I have not tried, but plan to soon. The backing is great too. I especially love your story and the points you made. It is something we can all relate to. I am also trying to make more quilts for others (besides gifts) and set a goal of at least one charity quilt per month. Again, an absolutely beautiful quilt!! Love it.

  4. Beautiful quilt for a wonderful cause. I have been following Nie since I heard about the crash and read her entire blog, she is an amazing woman. I loved seeing her on Oprah too, so brave! You are so generous to have donated this quilt!

  5. This is one of my favorite quilts so far— the story is touching, but there is something about the simplicity of the quilt that I just love.

  6. Your love is sewn with every stitch. There are color grabbers out there that help with washing quilts and even if you have washed and the colors run try using them.

  7. I’m loving this one, too! along with the feelings, you put the most fantastic colors in it! And even if the colors ran alittle, you could always blame them on tears! great story! thanks for sharing!

  8. beautifully said…you tell a very inspiring story. i love your quilt. you should be so proud. i am always learning something as i spend more time quilting. your quilting looks great

  9. Your spontaneous design and joyful colors are what made this quilt speak to others, no matter the flaws you see in it. Thank you for sharing your quilt’s story.

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