~Moments- Keeping it real~

So, Amy at A Commonplace Life started this discussion last week It really resonated with me. In oh so many ways..

Ok, I have a lot to share in my imperfect world, house etc., but today let me just be real, really real. 

I made this quilt, I worked on it all last week and I finished it up Saturday morning.  I will say I am pleased with the way this quilt turned out.  Really quite pleased.


Ok,  so the auction/ Fall Fest is tomorrow, Thursday night.. today is Wednesday.  I just now got the courage to call and say I had an item… WHAT?  Yes, I just got off the phone with the lady in charge of gathering items.. and yes she was really nice about it all..

Ok, so why could I not pick up the phone and call? Craft anxiety. I have it.  I just never really think my things are good enough.  I am certainly my own worst critic.

I know, I am so silly.  I just am a mess really.

I worked hard, I like the outcome, but yet what is it with me?  I just have no confidence in my ability and that is pathetic, really just all around…..I just seem to have a lack of confidence  and I do not like that about myself.

I am not right and  I know that 🙂 

My confidence will come one day, maybe I will get it all together maybe by acknowledging my shortcomings I will be able to overcome them and perhaps be able put them in their place, but until then….


I’ll just try to keep it real ya’ll.


3 thoughts on “~Moments- Keeping it real~

  1. I understand and share your anxieties. I find it best to just take a deep breath and do it anyway. I usually feel much better afterwards, especially when I get good feedback.
    BTW, love the quilt, looks fab with the pillow. It’s the bright colors – gotta love em.

  2. Jen – you’ve got the intelligence, you’ve got the beauty, you’ve got the talent – you’ve got it all – have faith in yourself – you can do it all Jen – with confidence and with pride – you havea gift – share it with others. Love you – Mom

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