~February Lady Sweater done~

~Praise the Lord and pass the biscuits~  I am done!!!!

It only took almost 2 years… I started the first time at least a year ago, it would have had to been in the fall/winter … I started and I don’t remember why, but I stopped and frogged..

I remembered the yarn and my previous plans this September and I was more determined this time around..

I will say I am not loving the make 1’s .. those holes are not so good.

But as my grandmother would say (she is almost 97)  “a man on horseback…” she always says that for whatever I make.. it is not perfect, but it will do.  It seems like when you knit you learn a little something each project you do … at least I seem to!

~here is my action shot… If you are here from the Moments group… I will have you know I barely cropped the photo’s… just trying to keep it real ya’ll!

~So, on just a side note, I finished my sweater up and wore it for the first time yesterday.. as I was in the carpool line at school,  my car died, just died .. dead.  Oh me.. it was kind of  a scene, but at least I looked cute!.. right?


~Today I have a new powerful battery supposedly good for 7 years.. we’ll see!!


8 thoughts on “~February Lady Sweater done~

  1. It looks lovely. I have stopped knitting, cos everytime I knit something I would hear a voice telling me to stop – it took a while but I eventually listened. But seriously that sweater is lovely.

    • I know that voice! Thank you so much! I start and stop knitting all the time, but I am hoping I stay with it for a while so I don’t lose ground!!

  2. I saw a friend in the grocery store today who told me she is knitting skullcaps for the troops, who wear them under their helmets. I allowed that as slowly as I knit, they might all be ready for retirement before my caps were done. Isn’t it a lovely thing to be doing?

  3. I’m so proud of you Jenn!! It really looks fabulous and I love the color you chose those two years ago or whatever lol! You’ve almost got me convinced to pick that knit chicken back up and finish him up. Almost.

  4. This is gorgeous! Love the color and the pattern is lovely. It looks beautiful on you, and who cares how long it took…you finished it!

  5. CUTE!!!
    Really amazing. You pop up in my feed with all of our Sew Craft Blog buddies and I love seeing what things you have created- just wanted to say hi again! Hope all is well!

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