~Red Letter Day baby quilt~

What feeling is so nice as a child’s hand in yours? So small, so soft and warm, like a kitten huddling in the shelter of your clasp.
~Marjorie Holmes

So, I think I’ve mentioned my cousin really liked her quilt I made for her new baby..

She wanted me to make a quilt for her friend in Canada daughter Xyla Rose (beautiful name!).

For the main fabric she picked a Lizzy House line the Red Day Letter and had it shipped to me. It is the cutest line!!

This is what I came up with-

~sorry for the cloudy day weather pics..

 ~back (kind of blurry)

 ~I think this little area is my favorite!

So, I used linen for the sashing.  I have been wanting to try wool for the batting.  After all this quilt is going to Canada.  I love, love, love cotton batting, but I just feel like it is so thin sometimes.  The wool is thin, it makes it a little transparent, just a bit.  But, it is warm, really warm and very, very soft.   I think it will be good.  So? We’ll see. Have you ever used wool? What did you think?

Can I just say I finally got the corner thing figured out??  I have read many, many tutorials but I was always a little off.  No more! I got it . Yay me!

So, now that I compare the 2 quits, obviously I did not exactly replicate the design, but I hope she loves it anyway!


Updated:  I recieved a lovely comment from Lizzy’s mom! I asked her how she happened to come upon this name for her collection.  She was kind enough to send me back to where Lizzy explains the name…and it is perfect! It really makes this quilt that much more perfect! We should all be so smart as to have a Red Letter Day, everyday!!


One thought on “~Red Letter Day baby quilt~

  1. I love your Red Letter Day quilt! Lizzy is my daughter, and I know she will love your use of her fabric. You should definitely add it to her Red Letter Day group if you are on flickr.

    Your friend will love the quilt I’m sure! Wool batting is wonderful, light, yet so warm.

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