~did a little sewing~


So, if you remember in my last post~

I wanted to try to make an outfit like my little niece Caroline had on.  My sister said I could totally do it..

So, I did some sewing yesterday while my littlest was ill..

I think I am in LOVE!

~try not to notice my plaid does not  match up~

~and all of the little strings I missed~

~so hard to get a good photo…

The winter light is killing me… I am ready for Spring!!

~What’s been going on~

-We’ve had some sickness going on…

-Computer crashed, big time…

-Lost all of my hard-drive pictures, I am so mad.

-Cooking  ginger garlic chicken soup for healing…

-New project in the works… courtesy of my sis..

-Thinking now I am getting sick…

~next project~

 I hope things get better around here quickly~!!

~Recipe for Ginger Garlic Chicken Soup~

I just kind of made this up, but this is what I did:

Place 1 package of chicken thighs in cast iron skillet to brown/cook.

Prepare 1 package of wild rice as instructed (I think it was 1 package wild rice to 2 1/2 c water, dash of salt, bring to boil for 1 hour).

 At the same time– Saute 1 onion in a pat of butter and a splash of olive oil.

Add 1 cup of mushrooms (or as much as you prefer)

Cut baby carrots into smaller bits, add to the saute.

Cut 4 or 5 stalks of bok choy into small pieces, add to saute.

I have garlic ginger paste (from a Mediterean Store) add 4 or 5 tablespoons to the saute.

Add 2 quarts Chicken Stock.

Simmer low heat.

When the rice is done, add to the soup.

When the chicken is done, chop and add to soup.

Salt and Pepper to taste.

That’s it!

Everyone loved it and it made me feel better right away!

If you make it, I would love to know if you liked it!!

~ Craft Hope Haiti Quilt~


I finally finished my Scrap to Treasure Quilt  –finally yay!!
I had an extra incentive  to hurry up and get it done.

I am donating  this to the Craft Hope Etsy shop – all proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders— every little bit helps you know…

   ~back, scrappy stripe and polka dots!!


~Like a bridge over troubled waters~


I love Simon and Garfunkel, LOVE them, but I love Bon Jovi MORE!! I am a child of the 80’s after all.  

I have Haiti on my mind and they have a great need for help.  There are so many ways to help if you are able, if not, prayer’s will do.

I learned a few things today that I either didn’t know, or had forgotten.   Haiti is an island shared with the Dominican Republic. The slaves staged a revolution which eventually allowed the Louisiana Purchase to occur. This was vital to our young country.  Haiti has an 80% poverty rate and they are ill equiped to handle this crisis.  I heard the Haitian President is homeless now and is sleeping at an airport.  Goodness.

 I can’t stop thinking of the children, the families, the elderly, the injured, and the remaining survivors. There are many ways to help if you feel moved to. Here are a few links I found helpful.

Craft Hope –

 is setting up an Etsy shop for you  to buy home-made goods. All proceeds will go to Doctors Without Borders. You can help by donating your goods, or by purchasing any of the items.

Sew Liberated – helpful links to contact your representatives  for stopping deportation of Haitians while they try to recover.

Doctors Without Borders –  they are already in Haiti providing care to Haitians. They want your donations if possible, or at the very least, help spread the word.

International Red Cross  – They are helping provide medical care, as well as trying to reconnect families.

One more: Chris Sacca – lots of good info here, plus read the comment section for more.

Every effort helps, please spread the word.

~quilted cat beds~


~This project has been on my mind for way to long!  Our cats will sleep on any kind of fabric they can find.  More often we will find them asleep on a floor vent.  It is so cold, especially down on their level.   I used some of my favorite thrifted finds and some lovely leftover scraps and came up with these 2 beds.  For the back I used a large bath towel cut in half.  I made ties for closure for frequent washings.  I used 2 leftover couch cushions for the interior.  This was a perfect project for a cold winter’s day.

the back~

The result?

2 cats on one bed, I guess that works to!

~If you try hard enough and just believe~

So, last night I had a little girl sleep in her pj’s inside out and she slipped a spoon under her pillow last night in hopes to make it snow. She got this sage piece of advice from her teacher.  Another little friend told  everyone to flush ice down the toilet, so she did that twice.

She believed. Low and behold this morning we had just a little bit of the white stuff!  Success!!

Too bad our city schools stayed open while all the surrounding area schools closed today. Somehow that just feels mean to me.  So, I made an executive mommy decision, we’re staying home today.  Take that you mean school people!!

It is still in the early morning hours here, but someone has played outside for about 2 hours now.  When you see the wonder and fun shining in your little girl’s eyes, from such a simple thing, it makes it all feel right! You just can’t put a price on  joy~

She’s had her hot chocolate, she has created a little spot in front of the fire, for warming, sitting and drying her knits.


~Should be a fun day!!

~First quilt of 2010 done~

Well,  let’s make that the last quilt of 09 and the first quilt of 2010 done.  Whatever, it’s done and that makes me happy!

  ~I had the hardest time taking pictures, I had to go outside and chase the sunshine!

The quilt pattern is called the “Roundabout Quilt” by  Amy of a Commonplace Life.  The first time I saw her completed quilt’s and her tutotial for her pattern, I knew I wanted to make one. I just loved it from the start. 

I will say I was nervous about piecing circles but I got over it, quickly.  I love circles.  They are easy.  I was pinning and pinning at first, but soon I just kind of lined them up and let it rip.  It was fun!!

Here is the back, I wanted a little bit of calm here, as opposed to the wild jumble of color on the front.  I just made a few more blocks then pieced with  Kona cotton “Snow” to complete the back.  I used Kona “Bahama Blue” or something like that for the binding, again going for a little calm.

This quilt is for my daughter Emma, I had promised her a quilt and it took  me forever to get around to it. I just had to have the right fabric, the right pattern, and I think this  is what I wanted for her.  I call it my “Circle of Love” quilt for her, so she will always remember that she is surrounded with love. Corny, but true!

A quilt is never done until it is photographed,  so now it is in her possession and she is really happy.  That makes me happy!

~I think I LOVE it! So happy and colorful!   Thank you Amy for sharing this wonderful pattern! It is genius!

~ Our traditional New Year’s Day meal~

The word on the street is that you must eat this to have a good year. Not sure I believe that, but I will say it is not New Year’s day at our home without this meal. We make this traditional meal every year because that is just what we do to honor our traditions.  It is a good thing  WE LOVE IT!!  (Most of us anyway!)


Because we indulged just a little too much this Christmas season, oh yes, I am really feeling it~ We will be eating a lot more of this in the upcoming weeks! Good thing  WE LOVE IT!!  just as much..(Most of us anyway!)

What is your New Year’s day tradition?

~My wish for you~

If your days are dark, may your path lead to light.

If your days are cold, may your path find warmth.

If illness is upon you, may your path lead to wellness.

If you have lost your way, may your path lead you home.

May you always see the beauty, remember the wonder and always have a friend.

At the end of each day I wish for you peace and love. 

I hope this  new year is for you all that you need it to be.