~If you try hard enough and just believe~

So, last night I had a little girl sleep in her pj’s inside out and she slipped a spoon under her pillow last night in hopes to make it snow. She got this sage piece of advice from her teacher.  Another little friend told  everyone to flush ice down the toilet, so she did that twice.

She believed. Low and behold this morning we had just a little bit of the white stuff!  Success!!

Too bad our city schools stayed open while all the surrounding area schools closed today. Somehow that just feels mean to me.  So, I made an executive mommy decision, we’re staying home today.  Take that you mean school people!!

It is still in the early morning hours here, but someone has played outside for about 2 hours now.  When you see the wonder and fun shining in your little girl’s eyes, from such a simple thing, it makes it all feel right! You just can’t put a price on  joy~

She’s had her hot chocolate, she has created a little spot in front of the fire, for warming, sitting and drying her knits.


~Should be a fun day!!

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