~The power of soup and a loaf of homemade bread~

This is the best brocoli soup. Ever.

If you feel a little under the weather then you must have soup. 

The winter funk won’t leave our house. No matter how many times I sanitize and clean. The little people go out and bring back the funk. I am so over it.

I found this soup recipe .  I had to make it.   I put a little sour cream and a little garlic chili sauce on it and it was YUM!   After  I had eaten a bowl I realized that I had forgotten one of the main ingredients–th arugula!   Oh dear,  but it  was an  easy fix, I re-blended a small batch with the arugula and it was just fine.  The arugula really makes the soup. 

I doubled the recipe.  You can’t really have soup without bread. I have made several different types of bread. I’ve done the no knead bread, it is really good but you must have a plan with the amount of time it takes to get the end bread. I have made several loaves of wheat bread. It is good, but sometimes you just need a new recipe.

So, I came across this yummy recipe and I knew I had to give it a go.  I did not have any whole wheat pastry flour, so I used my 50/50 flour by Hodgson Mill and it seemed to work just fine.

I LOVE this bread! Really I do love it.   It is really hearty, but not all whole wheaty, which makes for nice for a change.  It is substantial and goes good with soup, or strawberry jam!

Love it!  It is really easy to make.   You must try it!


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