~Heaven on a plate~


Oh my!  This is my new technique of the week. Thank you Sasa, thank you!! I was needing a good  recipe so I could try this at home. YUM! If I make it into heaven I hope that they serve sushi all day and all night. Love it, love it, LOVE IT!

I know it’s not the prettiest and my pictures are not the best, but I promise you it was heaven in my mouth when I ate it.  I believe I heard the angels sing.. oh wait, maybe that was me–but you get my point, right??

 This is my second time making sushi. I made it yesterday and my family ate it as fast as I made it.  Pitiful I know, but we are like wild animals with sushi.   The rolls were prettier yesterday, but there was no time for photography.

This afternoon I started thinking  why should I let the avocado and cucumber just sit there in the fridge getting old.  I might as well use them today because we all know waste is a bad thing…
So, there you go, sushi take two.  I hope your weekend is full of yummy things!!


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