~Spring in my garden~

The day began cold and gray and damp.  It did not seem likely I would see the sun.

Until.. just a bit later, the gray clouds burned off and left behind bright blue clear skies. Fabulous!!

I went straight to the garden center, my vision intact.  I have a wish list for each season, usually I forget what these things are until the  season rolls around.  Sweet shrub, Star Magnolia,  winter honeysuckle, forsythia, more camellias, the list goes on and on.

Even though I am convinced I need to add more to my garden, I love to just take in the views  that already exist. I have no problem overlooking the weeds and mess, just to focus on the beauty of a single flower.  My spirit is always uplifted.

Spring is a new beginning.  I shake off the darkness that has cloaked me through the winter months.  As I peel off  layers of clothes, my feet are bare, my shoulders and arms are warmed by the afternoon sun. I feel like an old tree whose sap begins to run, I start to feel brand new. I am waking up again, fueled by mother natures beauty.   Every spring I am amazed by how dark the winter was.

I very much welcome this new beginning.

~for note keeping purposes: I transplanted a languishing camellia, planted a forsythia, a “Jane” magnolia, and found a Japanese Rose blooming, I wondered if it was a weed for a few days, until I realized what it was. I had completely forgotten about that one.  I can mark this one off my list! 

~also, according  to the map, the hummingbirds arrived as of March 25th.  I will continue to wait patientlyas my feeder is hung and my newly planted hummingbird container fills out.

~amazing what a little rain will do~

Enjoy your weekend, I hope you find some warm sun shine on you!


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