~April is Children and Nature Awareness month~

I was reading 5 Orange Potatoes this morning and was surprised to find that April is   Children & Nature Awareness month.   Hmm, interesting.

Let’s take our children outside everyday and play for a bit. That is the challenge. Easy enough right??

But isn’t it kind of sad that we have to have a month to tell us to send our kids outside??

I think it is sad that the days of my childhood are long gone. When I was little I  used to get  dressed and head out for the day. I came home to eat and then headed  right back out. Flocks of us  kids would meet up and  play and play all day long.  We stayed out until we heard our mom call dinner, if I went back out after dinner, I knew I had to be home by dark, or else.

I know we can’t even think about doing that sort of thing today, at least not where I live.  It does make me sad. The world is so different.  We have to find new ways for our children to play, explore and just let themselves go.   We have  to let our children just be kids so they can  play and imagine and make up silly little games.  It’s a bit sad to think about.  I guess this is our challenge today.

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