~Hummingbirds and other things~

Well, I have had my feeder up since March 25th. I have been waiting and waiting. I will admit I was getting a little nervous. What if they don’t come back? What if something happened to the little ones that come to my house. I was beginning to worry.

~crazy bad picture, but seriously, can you see him? I think it is a girl actually. So cute!

I looked back to other blog posts to see when they’ve made their return. It seems as if they are right on track, of course I worried for nothing….Because they are BACK!  For real!

Yesterday I saw a robin get dive-bombed by something and I was like what the ?? I looked at my feeder and there he was. Oh me!  I need the Nikon back. (My husband dropped the darn thing!)  Yesterday was a good, good day!  So,  April 14th marks the date of return to my Memphis garden.

Feeling joyful, I am now ready for summe.  It feels like it is here already, we have been close to 90 all week.  All I want to know is where did spring go?  I am not complaining, not by any means.  Certainly not after this past winter.  I never thought it would end. 

If you’re looking for me, I will be out in my jungle. Literally, that is what it is. The weeds are taking over and I am going in.  If you don’t hear from me, send help!   Here are a few things from my garden today.  (remember I need my Nikon fixed!!)

~Perle d’ Or rose

~Mme. Antoine Mari

~snowball shrub/ with snowdrops.. I have never seen them bloom at the same time. Crazy weather!

~shrub rose Old Blush.

~more plants, cuz you know I am crazy like that.

~good thing we don’t have a HOA, they would not approve. No way, no how.

Don’t forget, April is the month of  The Great Outdoor Challenge. Here is a picture from the weekend.   Best, best, best friends at the park.


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