~The Great Outdoor Challenge~

Continues.  We are recovering from a little illness over the weekend, but I wanted to share a few photo’s..  

 It is so hard to see your little child suffer from sickness and pain. I knew when she got dressed, started talking ninety to nothing, running outside every 10 minutes to play today that she was back to her old self again. It was a rough two days, but the clouds have lifted, thank heavens!

~Antique tea rose.. maybe Safrano? Or ?? I just can’t quite recall right now.

~Marie Pavie~ Love, smells so good!

 I am really pleased with this little bed. I keep trying to capture the color’s, but they are not coming across quite right.  I love the white  bridal spiraea, with Old Gay Hill (China rose), and the purple iris. On the other end of the bed is Baby Love (a little shrub rose) and a little purple iris tucked in.

It’s a jungle out there, but it makes me happy.  Hoping you have a healthy and happy week!


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