~My rocking chair needed some love~

~My mom is planing a huge move soon to her lake house.. she has tons of “extra” furniture that she needs to find a home for.  She had a rocker and I needed a rocker.  It was comfortable.. but .. I wasn’t loving the cushion.

So,  I made a new cushion. I thought it was pretty cute.  I used the quilt as you go technique from Patchwork StylePenny did a sew as you go quilt a long using the same technique. I think whoever thought up this idea is really clever.  I am thinking of doing a quilt for my bed using this technique, but I am not completely sold.  Anyway, it is great for cushions and pillows! Which is what I made next, because the crochet pillow was not working for me either.

~see, not really cute!

~here is the pillow. Much better!

Here is my “after” I think it is better. I love, love, love this rocker. I love to rock. I sit in this chair and watch my shows and I crochet.  The little pillow above? It was my test swatch for Lucy’s Granny Stripe Blanket.  When I saw her blanket, I knew I wanted to make one.  It is not a fast project, but it is a really good one for sitting and rocking, and watching the Housewives!!

~Your in the arms of an angel~

Angel by Sara McLachlan 

Today is not the same without my dad.   Emma and I recently traveled to Nashville to participate in a walk for MADD, to remember my dad.  It was  a good way to reflect on my dad and join others in remembering their loved ones.  

I know my dad was in the arms of an angel when he was taken. I know he is in a good place. I know one day I won’t feel so sad.   I wish I could have called him today to tell him Happy Father’s Day and you should get your card tomorrow.. I am a really bad procrastinater, just like he was.  We kind of laugh about it, but it’s true.  I just wish I had one more chance.


I love in the beginning when all I have are thoughts.  Nothing is certain except for the fact that ” it”  will one day be something.  No time right now, but I have big plans for this little stack of fabric and Perle cotton!

Fat quarter bundle from Hawthorne Threads, I believe I ordered Friday night and my goodness it was here by Monday lunch time. Crazy fast service, got to love it!

~I love a bagel~

Oh my gosh! I made bagels and they are GOOD!!

I read this post and I was like oh yeah, I am so making that!

Right, so I pretty much followed this recipe . I used 3 c all-purpose flour and 1 1/2 c whole wheat white.  I guess I might try the bread flour next time. I did not have parchment paper, no biggie.  The only awkward part was when I transferred the bagel to the boiling water they kind of wanted to stretch out a bit, but after I dropped a few it went better. It was surprisingly easy.   The best part is that I made them at home and I know exactly what are in them. Fab, fab I tell you!   Now you know, you can go make them yourself!

Very, very good with cream cheese, butter, or turkey and provolone.  I especially like these bagels under glass on my cake plate.  Don’t they look pretty??

~Happy Scrappy Birthday Quilt~

I just finished my mom’s birthday quilt.  Yikes.  A little late, but you know what they say about that!

I had a lot of fun making this quilt. I had a vision of what I wanted and I think I achieved what I was going for.  I am calling this quilt the Happy Scrappy Birthday quilt because it is made mostly from my scraps. I found my main inspiration fabric from one of my very favorite thrift stores.. can you spot it? Hint: it is in every one of the blocks….

Well, my good camera still has not been repaired, so the quality of these pictures is off, big time. But, perhaps you can see the  main fabric?

When I found this blue floral fabric, I felt as if  it had a sort of vintagey feel to it.. and I knew I wanted to start my blocks with varying sizes of this fabric. I then selected scraps that I felt complemented this  fabric.

This quilt makes me really happy.  It has a mix of my favorites, Anna Marie Horner, Amy Butler, Tanya Whelan, Lizzy House.  I mixed in some lovely linens, my favorite brown gingham,and some Kona cotton.

I realized that  little pieces of all of most of my previous quilts are included in this quilt.  Cool.   Each quilt I made was necessary and needed  in order for this quilt to exist. I love that thought.

That is how I work, one idea slowly builds upon another until I am propelled to produce.  This is part of my creative process, if that makes any sense.

Mom, I am sorry you have to see this quilt here. With the way things are going.. it might be a minute before this gift is in your hands, but I can promise it is even better in person!

~The story of my sand dollar~

~This is a picture of a picture taken by my father of Flagler Beach circa 1980’s, perhaps 1990’s? (For my sister.)

As a family we spent a part of each summer in Flagler Beach.  This beach has always remained the same from the first time we visited until the last.  It is just as you see in the picture above. Vast miles of flat sand, unending views of blue waves, and sea gulls dotting the landscape.  Of course there were people on the beach, the fishermen, families, walkers, and sunbathers.

One summer I was determined to find a sand dollar. I wanted one so badly. My grandmother had many  around her home that she had found on her many walks. Each night after we would go for a walk on the beach. One night my sister found a seahorse. It was so little and perfectly formed.  I was happy for her, but even more determined  to find a  sand dollar.

As we made our way  across the street, my family was a little ahead of me  and I was going through the gate I had a vision. I saw a beautiful round white sand dollar nestled in the sand.  The sand surrounding the sand dollar was damp and still wet from the tide, lying alone on the beach.

As we walked and walked I stayed ahead of the group and I kept my eyes down.  We passed through and played in the  little tide pools. As I walked out of one I saw it, my perfectly beautiful sand dollar. I just screamed, “I found my sand dollar!!”

My vision was the truth and I believed it before it even became a reality. I will never forget that night, that walk on the beach of my childhood.  I have never had another vision so clear and real as that one.  This weekend  I was given this picture my father took many years ago and it brings back so many memories.  I still miss my dad so much, and I am thankful for my memories.   I know one day soon I will get back to my beach.

~This is not my photo of my sand dollar. I think my mother has it in her curio cabinet, but this is just what it looked like. Pretty right??