~The story of my sand dollar~

~This is a picture of a picture taken by my father of Flagler Beach circa 1980’s, perhaps 1990’s? (For my sister.)

As a family we spent a part of each summer in Flagler Beach.  This beach has always remained the same from the first time we visited until the last.  It is just as you see in the picture above. Vast miles of flat sand, unending views of blue waves, and sea gulls dotting the landscape.  Of course there were people on the beach, the fishermen, families, walkers, and sunbathers.

One summer I was determined to find a sand dollar. I wanted one so badly. My grandmother had many  around her home that she had found on her many walks. Each night after we would go for a walk on the beach. One night my sister found a seahorse. It was so little and perfectly formed.  I was happy for her, but even more determined  to find a  sand dollar.

As we made our way  across the street, my family was a little ahead of me  and I was going through the gate I had a vision. I saw a beautiful round white sand dollar nestled in the sand.  The sand surrounding the sand dollar was damp and still wet from the tide, lying alone on the beach.

As we walked and walked I stayed ahead of the group and I kept my eyes down.  We passed through and played in the  little tide pools. As I walked out of one I saw it, my perfectly beautiful sand dollar. I just screamed, “I found my sand dollar!!”

My vision was the truth and I believed it before it even became a reality. I will never forget that night, that walk on the beach of my childhood.  I have never had another vision so clear and real as that one.  This weekend  I was given this picture my father took many years ago and it brings back so many memories.  I still miss my dad so much, and I am thankful for my memories.   I know one day soon I will get back to my beach.

~This is not my photo of my sand dollar. I think my mother has it in her curio cabinet, but this is just what it looked like. Pretty right??


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