~Sometimes old is new again~


I came across this post and it gave me pause. I want to be about less stuff.  I know I can do better.  I know I’ve mentioned that I shop thrift. Everything you need is out there to be had if you can spend the time looking for what you need. Also be patient, you might not find it today, but keep looking, it will always show up.  I am trying to reduce my plastic use and at the very least recycle all that I can.  Glass storage containers are number one on my list every time I peruse the 2nd hand shops. I can never get enough storage containers.


Sometimes it seems the more you try to do, the more you see you need to do.  But I know I can’t do it all in one day. I can’t just change a lifetime of old ways all in this day today. I have to incorporate change in a thoughtful, methodical way otherwise I will feel overwhelmed. I also think I run a risk of falling back into old ways.  Either for convenience or just whatever.  That is just how I am. 

I thought I would share a few new changes for me over the past few weeks.

1.  A clothesline!! Yay!  So happy to have this. I have not used my dryer since we hung this up.  My clothes and linens smell wonderful. They are a touch crispy, but I am ok with that.  I am using my line and a dryer rack  so between the two I can put out my whole load.  Things seem to dry fairly quickly and I don’t have a ton of sun out back.  I am not sure how this will do in the winter, but my husband says people did it all the time when he was growing up, so I suppose he is right.  Didn’t everyone have to do this back in the day?? Growing up I have never experienced this, but I am happy to share this with my children.

That brings up another point… my daughter is 7, you would think  I sent her to the moon or bought her a pony. She has had a ball with the outdoor laundry.  She is involved in hanging up and taking down. She goes out to check on it and switch it all around. She has entertained herself for hours. Wonderful.

2.  I am trying to not wash more dishes by hand. I found the best dish drain rack at the Mid South Outlet, my favorite thrift store. I love this thing.  I don’t know for sure if I am reducing my water use, but I hope so.

It seems a little change can lead to big changes.  It did for me.  I have been switching over to more natural cleaning products. In particular, dishwasher detergent, laundry detergent, stain remover, and an all- purpose spray cleaner.

Recipes from here,here,here.

Again, my youngest daughter is all about helping to clean. I have no fear with the vinegar cleaner. Clean away little one.

The stain remover is absolutely amazing. I will not be buying anymore Shout.   Anyway, these are just a few of my changes. I still have a long list of want to do’s, but for now I’m good.  Learning is a process of evolving and it is a continual process for me. I hope some of these things are passed to my children.  We’ll see.

In case you think I am all “whatever” I’m not. I have a long list of things I still want to do like make soap, keep bees, raise chickens, move to a farm, be a sheep farmer, it just goes on and on. But hey, who knows.. like I said change sometimes begets change. 

Here are a few blogs that I find totally inspiring, maybe you read these already, maybe you would like to.. Farmama, Down to Earth,Cold Antler Farm, Soule Mama. These are just a few of my very favorites. Do you have any “must read” blogs that inspire you? I would love to know.

On this Independence Day I am thankful for the freedom to dream and to make the change that I want to make.

3 thoughts on “~Sometimes old is new again~

  1. Your post is a great reminder for me. I keep getting frustrated with all the stuff we have, but never seem to stop acquiring more.

    Our dryer broke last year and we hung dry our clothes in our basement for 4 months before we got a replacement dryer (it was during the winter), so you should definitely be able to line dry when it gets cold.

    And, we just got a metal drying rack like yours. It’s so nice to not have sopping wet towels on the counter anymore 🙂

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