~In the kitchen~

~This week I have been busy in the kitchen making…

Breakfast is my favorite meal. I just love it.  A good and proper breakfast will set you up for a great day.  I am from the school of  in order for me to take care of you, I have to take care of myself.  Do you know what I mean?  This is how I am doing taking care of myself  this week:

I make homemade yogurt –I love this stuff. It is just the best.

Low sugar blueberry freezer jam Yum! Perfect for toast, oatmeal, and your newly made yogurt.  It’s like fruit on the bottom yogurt, but much better!!

Granola, it is the perfect thing to go with your yogurt. I have made it before, but this batch actually came from whole foods.  Super nutty mixed with cinnamon spice.

Breakfast it is so important!


3 thoughts on “~In the kitchen~

    • You do need to get some blueberries and make freezer jam! It could not be easier and it is so darn good!

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