Storm Slaps Power Lines Silly – WREG

Storm Slaps Power Lines Silly – WREG.

Do you believe in Angels? I do.

Our angels surrounded us Thursday night I wanted to share what happened to us and our home. 

My  house and my husband are  in the beginning of this news article.  We are all completely shell shocked.  The damage and the  scope  is just barely sinking in. We are all fine, our home however is not.  We are on edge until our insurance tells us what to expect. At this point they have brought in a huge crew and cranes to clear the house. They  tarped the house as we have more severe weather heading our way Sunday and Monday.

I wish I could erase this event from Emma’s memory. She is scared and confused.  Her room took the brunt. Her birthday is Monday and she keeps asking why did this happen on my birthday??  We have a battered home and are living like refugeee’s but we are blessed. People don’t always surrvive huge huge oak trees falling in their home. Our angels surrounded us, they shielded us from harm. 

 I am filled with gratitude and pray for peace and patience. I will breathe deeply and often with my focus on gratitude.  Things can be replaced, hopefully our home rebuilt. Above all we are still a family and we are intact. Gratitude.

~Single Girl Shams~




I finished the Single Girl pillows! Yay! I love them.

LOVE them!

Not perfect though.. see the little pucker?? Darn it.


From a far, it’s all good though.  When I wash them it won’t be obvious at all. Got to love linen for the crinkle factor.

I particularly love the backs. I did not have enough linen to make the backs, however, I really do like the brown duck I used from my stash. It seems to match the couch perfectly. Now if I can just keep everyone off of it…. fat chance! Funny how one little new thing makes the kids want to lounge, the cats want to climb and bathe, and nap.  Funny indeed.


~Sharing and Joining~

Doesn’t this just seem right? I am going to participate and I am really excited.
Heather of  Beauty that Moves is leading this wonderful workshop. I have followed Beauty that Moves for a long time.  Heather has a wonderful “voice”, fantastic recipes and I know this will be a wonderful experience.  

** photo from Heather’s blog Beauty that Moves **

Not only do I want to do this, but I need to do this.  Just wanted to share!!

~Dusting off the old blog~

After months of  being absent I am creeping back to blogland.  Look what it took to get me out from my shell.. The Single Girl Quilt Along .  There is even Single Girl Support Group  on Flickr to help inspire you and walk you through each step.  I am really excited about this!   The Single Girl Quilt has been on my list to make for forever and this quiltalong will help to move me along. 

The pattern came in the mail earlier in the week and I’ve been itching to get started ever since.   This is big because I have  not sewed anything at all since early December.  We had some major family issues right before Christmas and unfortunately it knocked me back a bit. Thankfully we are in a better place right now.

Last night I began to trace the templates and then pulled some scraps together, the next thing you know I had a quilt block.

 I have green on my mind most likely because I can’t stop thinking about spring.. so I dug up as many green scraps as I could find.  I thought it would look lovely with my favorite linen.

My question now is do I make a sham or keep going and try to go for a baby quilt?? I can’t decide but the wheels are turning.  I need to go through my scraps again.. I love being able to use what I have.

And finding inspiration where you least expect it…

As we continue to turn toward  the light I begin to feel myself awaken.  I love this time of year. Sometimes it feels good to be brand new.

I hope to be back soon with a little more progress.