Storm Slaps Power Lines Silly – WREG

Storm Slaps Power Lines Silly – WREG.

Do you believe in Angels? I do.

Our angels surrounded us Thursday night I wanted to share what happened to us and our home. 

My  house and my husband are  in the beginning of this news article.  We are all completely shell shocked.  The damage and the  scope  is just barely sinking in. We are all fine, our home however is not.  We are on edge until our insurance tells us what to expect. At this point they have brought in a huge crew and cranes to clear the house. They  tarped the house as we have more severe weather heading our way Sunday and Monday.

I wish I could erase this event from Emma’s memory. She is scared and confused.  Her room took the brunt. Her birthday is Monday and she keeps asking why did this happen on my birthday??  We have a battered home and are living like refugeee’s but we are blessed. People don’t always surrvive huge huge oak trees falling in their home. Our angels surrounded us, they shielded us from harm. 

 I am filled with gratitude and pray for peace and patience. I will breathe deeply and often with my focus on gratitude.  Things can be replaced, hopefully our home rebuilt. Above all we are still a family and we are intact. Gratitude.


5 thoughts on “Storm Slaps Power Lines Silly – WREG

  1. Oh goodness! I am so happy that you are all safe! That is a terrible thing to happen to your house! I hope you can get it all taken care of. Give your daughter lots of extra hugs!

  2. BOY – you are (were) surrounded by angels. As you mentioned the things & house can be replaced … lives cannot.

    So happy that you all are OK – and as your husband siad – it could have been
    worse – much worse.

    Keep the hugs in check!


  3. So sorry to read about this, it must be awful, especially for your daughter. Thank goodness you are all ok. I do hope you get some good news from the insurance company.

  4. I do hope you are all doing okay! How scary!! And your poor daughter, I can just imagine how frightening that must have been for her. Keeping you in my thoughts…

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