~Zig Zag Quilt Done soon to be Bama Bound~

I have to say it’s been a productive weekend. Yay!  I was so happy to finish this little quilt.  Again, I used this link from Crazy Mom Quilts to make the top.

I love this Farmdale line, by Alexander Henry. It is so cheerful!

I so hope whomever receives this quilt is somewhat comforted, knowing someone somewhere out here is this big old world is thinking of her. I know if it was my daughter in need I would hope someone would care for her.  I wish I had more time, I would make many more quilts! 

Loving this tote. I will say I made it a little too big.  I used this tutorial   from Craftiness is Not Optional. I am loving this blog, so many awesome ideas! Love, love, loving it.  But, what I was saying was, I enlarged the tote somewhat, because I just couldn’t tell how big the quilt would be. I think it is a spatial thing.  No matter, I believe it will do.

So happy to have this project finished.  I am counting the weeks, hopefully, until we move back home. I can’t wait.  I also can’t stop knitting bunnies. I don’t know what has gotten into me, but I just can’t stop. They are so cute!

~What’s going on~


Well, I am not sure if you all have seen it on the news.. but Memphis is in a major flood situation. It is quite grim indeed. Thankfully our home, well, our rental home is fine. Our real home  is fine also, but there are so many that are not.   I tell you, it  is tough to watch and to wait. The river should crest on May 11th at about 48 feet. The record was set in 1937 at 48.7 feet.  The mighty Mississippi is quite powerful.  People around town keep saying the river is going do what the river wants to do. Indeed.

I’ve been slowly working on my Bama Bound quilt.  I finally have the top done.

Sorry, the lighting is bad! I’ve always wanted to make  a zig zag quilt. I used Crazy Mom’s tutorial found here. I am not going to lie, you have to pay attention when you make this! It was really fun though and it was so cool to see the zig zag’s come together.

I can’t wait to quilt it.  I’m also working on this cute little bunny pattern. Love it so far!

I worked on it a little each evening while watching my shows.  I quickly sewed it all together this morning, however,  I sewed the head on backward. I think.  It will be fine though. I am working on the dress now and it is slow going becasue I am using a teeny tiny yarn.

Thankfully the rain that came this morning quickly passed, now I am listening to the girls play outside.

It’s shaping up to be a fine weekend. How about you, how is your weekend going??