~Joining in~

Ginny’s Yarn Along.  I have been enjoying her blog for quite some time now.. I love to knit, I love to read each night before bed. Actually I get all my books from my grandmother, she will be 99 in March.  Whatever she gets, she passes to me, and vice versa.  We have done this for years. We used to go the library every other week, her legs got tired and it became to much, but we still read.  She always said she loves to loose herself in a book, a book will take you anywhere you want to go. She is so right.

This week, let’s see, I am reading Debbie Macomber, 6 Rainer Drive.    It’s snippets of many people’s lives that all live in a single community. It seems as if everyone is working towards a happy ending. Who doesn’t love that?

This week my project is this lovely little doll sweater vest from Blue Skies Dragonflies.  I am using an organic cotton it seems to match some  fabric I want to use for a doll dress. I think of daffodils when I look at this yarn and fabric. . I know it is still Christmas, but my thoughts seem to be creeping towards Spring.   Just a little bit. Winter in the south settles upon us in January. The long months are ahead (January & February.)  So, thoughts of spring keep me happy.

I made a new project bag, pattern is from Jenni In Color Order Oh my, love this pattern. She has a smaller size on her blog that’s free, and then she made a pattern for multiple sizes and a recipe for a custom size bag. I love this bag, so clever.  *not the best picture* but trust me, it’s cute!


My little friend, always near by.

~Let’s spin~

~I have always wanted to spin yarn. I finally took the plunge. I started with a drop spindle.  So fun and relaxing, but what I really wanted to learn was how to spin on a wheel. My gosh, they are not cheap. I can’t spend a ton of money without knowing if it would even be something I really enjoyed.  I don’t know anyone who spins yarn here where I live.  I don’t know anywhere local that even sells spinning wheels. I had to take a leap of faith and after much research, I found Fidelis. Faithful. You have to have faith using this wheel. I am not sure it is the very best wheel for a brand new beginner, but I had faith I could do it. I think I am doing just fine.

I love her. I don’t know her name yet, but it will come to me I’m sure.

Fiber is from Becoming Art this is a Superwash Merino/cashmere/silk blended fiber. Called Winter’s Silence. It is so soft, so muted. Lovely just so lovely.

I love thick and thin art yarn, this is what really sparked my interest in spinning. I love this type of yarn. It’s not perfect by any means, in fact this is straight off the wheel, not yet set.

So pretty. It’s Rumpelstiltskin From Magnolia Handspun I can’t say enough good things about Camilla. She has been a huge inspiration to me.

Rosie loves to watch and help. Must keep a close eye on this little one.

~What’s been going on round here~

Well y’all… I love Pandora. I really love it. You pick a song and it builds a  “station” around the songs you like. Love that. Imagine a little rock, a little country, a little folk. Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Kid Rock, Dixie Chicks, the Band Perry. Daughtry, Paul Simon and everything in-between. Cool.

My cat ate some roving.. I am freaking out. I don’t know if you remember our Kitty but he ate yarn– we think… the next thing you know he was gone from a horrible intestinal blockage. He didn’t make it. Oh, it was bad so, so bad. Scratch that, I think she is ok, this was yesterday and she hasn’t missed a beat. I don’t know. We’ve had a bad run with cats.. I might be a little paranoid.

It wasn’t this, it was gray roving. This is an art batt. So pretty. It’s from my My friend and inspiration Camilla.  So pretty and sparkly.

Hello Charlotte~I have Charlotte on my mind. I love the name Charlotte. I didn’t use to, but I really do now.

I love her little outfit~

I am about to start a project for a friend. I so hope I don’t muck it up.

~Hello pretty face~

I have just realized my blog is outdated, old stuff on here. Ugh. I need a makeover. Deep sigh.

I am excited about Christmas. It is shaping up to be a good one this year. This is me praying for no problems, no drama, Lord please keep us all safe. Please.

Trying to find a Christmas service for my daughter and I to go to. My husband is working on Christmas, but I want to go to church. I really do. Must get on that.

Also, need to get teacher gifts.. not so prepared this year.. what to do ??

What’s new with you??