~Doll eyes, doll legs, doll parts~

Do you remember that song? I used to like Hole. Don’t laugh.

I am up to my eyeballs in doll.  My favorite new hobby is making dolls, this is a newer hobby to me, but I really love making these dolls. My favorite parts are embroidering the face and then making the hair. Love it.  It takes wool, interlock, and yarn and magically a little girl appears. It’s so cool and the funny thing is that no doll ever looks like one I made before. They are like children as in that each one is a different, with a different personality.

Making a doll takes much patience.  Sometimes you must stop and walk away.  It’s only later that you see everything is just fine.

Now, I am onto wardrobe planning I have a little sweater on to keep her decent.  Oh the possibilities are just endless…


One thought on “~Doll eyes, doll legs, doll parts~

  1. Lol, another doll making addict… well done, this little one is beautiful. I love her hair, what did you use? Mohair? thank you for posting her to us all. Can’t wait to see the rest of them

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