~What I Wore Sunday~

what i wore sunday \


Linking up to What I Wore Sunday.
~Eeks, pictures were really hard this week. I gave blood right after church and I am really glad to give, but oh my gosh, I felt poorly the rest of the day. I’m still not feeling that great. Must drink more fluids.. cold and rainy to boot.

~Asking for prayers for my PRE class.  The children are wonderful kids. Bright, smart, funny, engaging, but there is one that is quite the challenge. I need some tips for keeping that one child from taking away from the other children’s experience. It’s a bit frustrating. I am praying.

~Everything is from the thrift store except for my boots, they are from Zappos. My favorite brand, Born “Samantha” love these boots. I have really bad feet, but I can go all day in these, no pain! Tights from Target and I always have on my St Therese medal.



~These pictures are ridiculous! Have a good week.

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