~What I wore Sunday~

what i wore sunday

Linking up with Fine Linen and Purple for What I Wore Sunday.


So, the best thing about what I Wore Sunday is I don’t forgot what I wore to Mass! Seriously, it’s easy to forget, or is that just me?

This week, Hello! February. Why are you so cold, so rainy, so dreary?  You make it oh so hard to get a good picture.

20150201_121128_BEST 20150201_121443-003


So, I don’t know what’s up with picture number to, I think the red-eye fixer went wrong, but that’s cool.

So, Jacket is from Target. Really old.

Boots same as before, (Born)

Skirt I made, you can’t see it in these pictures, but it is  Alabama Chanin Style— a plain skirt. It’s too dark to see, but it is hand-sewn. Double layer of knit, cream, black, with button craft thread. I love, love, love Natalie Chanin. I have her books and I just love her style and her work. Sewing clothes by hand is surprising fun, easy and contemplative.

Scarf is a Stitch Fix item.

Now, if you wanted to make an Alabama Chanin style piece of clothing, you want to work with Jersey fabric, either from her store, or in her book she shows you how to reclaim tee-shirts to make the fabric. You can use new or thrift. You go by the feel of the shirt, you will know when you have good material.  These clothes are warm and cozy, perfect for the winter chill. I’ve made yoga pants and a tee-shirt for sleeping. Love.

Mass was very nice. Father spoke about contemplation. Our world is so busy, we are so busy. We are always doing. He said that somewhere around 1500 the Church moved away from contemplation, the thought was that people would feel they could go it alone. He said the last 500 years we have not spent the time that we should contemplating the Lord. (Not everyone of course, but generally speaking.)   We are so busy doing, going, talking, social media, etc. We must take time each day to spend with our Lord. Amen! I am guilty of this. Sometimes the closest I feel to God is when I am driving to work, I do my very serious praying on my way to work and when I am in the shower.  I know, that’s strange, but true. I always try to pray a thank you prayer when I first wake up, and through the day little prayers.  I always try to pray before bed, but honestly when my head hits the pillow, I am gone. I need to work on that one. I can do better with contemplation.

He also mentioned Martin Fulton always spent 1 hour with the Lord and he mentioned CS Lewis The Screwtape-Letters – I am not familiar with this book, but he said we would all benefit from reading it.   He also said that we owe so much to the Monastery and Monks. Their job is just being and praying, for all of us. They also transcribed the old documents and without them we would not have the Bible today.

This week I am begging prayers for me Grandmother. She is 101, her birthday is in March, and she is very sick.  Please pray for her peace and ease of suffering.  Please pray.



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3 thoughts on “~What I wore Sunday~

  1. Just said a prayer for your sweet grandma – 101! Wow! Thank you so much for linking up – you look beautiful and I’m in awe of people who can sew so well. My grandma has always been an incredible seamstress. 🙂

    • Holly, Thank you for the prayer for my Grandma.
      You are so kind, thank you for always taking time to check in and to be so kind. God Bless you!!

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