~What I Wore Sunday~

what i wore sunday



~Linking up with Fine Linen and Purple for What I Wore Sunday. Photo bombed by my Lily. Sweetie pie. I am wearing the same theme from last week. Dress: Target, Sweater: Lands End, Scarf: Target. Boots: Zappos.

Thank you so much for the prayers! Thanks be to God, my Grandma is doing a little better. There was talk of morphine, oxygen, hospice, last rites. Today she is better and yesterday she got to go outside to soak up the sun. We’ve had some very lovely weather, sunny and in the 60’s. Love. Everyday is a gift, whether you are 101 or in your not 101!

~PRE class has been going a little better. The children are so sweet. I don’t wan’t to speak too soon, but I think we are hitting our groove. Honestly 1hour is not enough time to get the whole lessen in and it seems as if I am rushing to get it all in.

~Mass was good. We had the blessing of our throats. I am a telephone nurse 40 hours a week, It’s important  to have this blessing today. I invited my co-workers but no one came. That’s ok, the invitation always stands.




~I guess I need to find my real camera. The phone photo’s pretty blurry.


~Olivia, concerned!



~Selfie with daughter.

~This week I will pray for you, won’t you please pray for me? Praying for peace, the sick, the hungry and those that need Christ the most. Lord hear our prayers!


2 thoughts on “~What I Wore Sunday~

  1. Great scarf! I only ever post phone selfies. I think of it like my insurance policy. No one’s going to want to steal my photos if they’re not clear. 😉

  2. Thank you so much for linking up! I love seeing your posts. So glad to hear your grandma is doing better! Good for you for extending the invitation to you co-workers – you never know what seeds you plant!! 🙂

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