~A memory~


My daughter told me a story today in the car on the way home from school.  “Guess what~ me and Lindsy place outside together during recess.” “Guess what we play” 

 “I don’t know, what do you two play?”

“Well, we play bird nest, we find all of the pine needles and  then we build a nest”
“Guess what we found today” 

 “I don’t know, what did you find?”

“Well, today we found a feather, and guess what, we put it in our nest. Then we played birds, mama bird with babies.” “I hope it is still there tomorrow.” 

Followed by at least 15 more minutes of in-depth conversation that I will  not repeat, but  what a sweet little story.    It brought back a memory that I almost had completely forgotten. 

When I was in kindergarten, my little best friend…  I can’t quite remember her name, but she was my best friend and we played incessantly together. 

One of our most favorite games we would play was the one we played with our pencils, it was known as pencil house. 

Do you remember the little wooden pencil boxes? Well, those boxes were our houses for our little pencil people.  We had mama’s, dads, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles & cousins.. you name it we had it. We used big pencils, little pencils, medium sized pencils.  No pencil would ever be left out, no they would just join our little family. 

 On the playground we would search for any little pencils and you would be surprised what we would find and where. I found many a good pencil on the school bus.  We played so much not only in recess, but in class. We would get so mad when we couldn’t play our little  pencil people family game.   That old  teacher just talked way to much as far as we were concerned.  The more we played the more extensive our pencil families would become. 

 Good times I tell you, good times!

Oh me.. I had almost completely forgotten about that.  In fact, I might not have ever remembered that fun little time if I had not spent time listening to the ever rambling little six year old..  So much passion for play and imagination bundled into that little being!

This is what I love about being a mom, you not only see yourself in your children, but they can actually help you find a small part of yourself that you might have ordinarily forgotten.   I think that is way cool!

I have to leave you with a beautiful old rose named Mrs. BR Cant it is a real doer in my garden. It sits front and center in my wild garden. The blooms are gorgeous, have a pleasant scent, and after each little rain storm I will usually get a new flush. Of course it blooms big time right after my sister’s big day, of course it does. 

~Hummingbirds and other garden delights~

My little friends are back!   We have had our feeder up since late March, but it was not until April 8th that I saw my first little friend.  Last year it was April 14th.    The family and I are  just thrilled to have our buddies back.  Oh how we’ve missed them!! Now if I can just arrange to have my camera ready when I see one!

We had to get a new feeder  our previous one  lasted a few years and we finally wore it out.   There  is our new one  all pretty and filled with  fresh  nectar Yum!

My roses are really behind this Spring.   It has been rather cool  so far.  However, a few have popped open.   Martha Gonzales is a found china rose.  Love love love it. If you need a great little nonstop bloomer then this will work for you.

Baby Love miniature rose. I really love this little beauty. It is hard to find a really strong and healthy yellow rose. This one is outstanding. I love roses that just do their thing.. no fuss, no worries..  they just shine.

I wish I could remember the name of this clematis.. I need to go back through my records.  I know I got it from Silver Star Vinery.  Actually I believe it is Artic Queen. It is a beautiful white. It appears to start out with a touch of a blush on it and then turns to a clear beautiful white.

Happy Easter!

In the garden with a new linen dress….

Spring has arrived in our garden… we are loving that. It has been too long since we have been able to linger in our garden.
Six year olds grow so fast. A new dress was in order. A cute Butterick pattern was selected along with some red and tan linen. I see a little french girl in my mind…

Our garden is an enchanting place for a 6 year old girl. There are flowers to find. Sticks and stones to be gathered…

There is a soothing rhythm to our garden.  Things happen in the same order each Spring.  Old friend are rediscovered.

Hours in the sun playing make believe games and building fairy houses..  Some of my fondest memories of my children is seeing them huddled over smelling flowers. That is a joyous sight.

Antique rose “Old Blush” is always first to bloom..

Bright magenta azaelas are always pleasing.  Enjoy your Spring!

~Birds in a bowl~

   ~I found the cutest vintage thing the other day… not exactly sure what this is supposed to be, but it has multiple birdies hanging on a string with beading. There is a very tiny bell on the very bottom.  We have it hanging on my daughter’s door as a part of her catatorium, dont ask!    I first had them  placed them in a  wooden bowl from the thrift store… 

They are the coolest thing and what I love the most is the colors of each bird with the little beading detail for eyes and beak, and a little tassel tail matching the main color of each bird…

Here they are hanging~

I found a few other little goodies that I am saving for later.

We have been enjoying the best fall ever! The weather has been warm during the day and cool at night, just perfect for roses and the last of our fall flowers~

We have been enjoying some wonderful soaking rains as well…

   ~ lovely orange mums

a little pink rose, think it is the Knockout.. it is a good doer along with all of my antique roses. This has been a great fall for roses! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Happy Mother’s Day~ home grown flower’s for Mom!

    ~ Happy Mother’s Day Mom! Fresh from the garden after yet another storm.. There have been some bad ones this Spring. 

  ~ I can see I need to add more flowers for companions.  The roses are good to go, but I can use some companion plants..

     ~for some reason, I am really into white, yellow and orange. I find it very Springish!



  ~I am very happy with my Confederate Jasmine. This year it has really taken off. Very fragrant, evergreen and fresh.  I am not sure of the orange flower, it was a Lowe’s special… $0.99 cents. I think.  It has come back for the second year. Love it!  The roses are The Gift (Hybrid Musk), the bee’s love this rose, it is a vigorous grower, Crown Princess Margareta and Teasing Georgia both of those are David Austin roses.  The multi- orange flower is called Blood Flower and was from the Lichterman Plant sale.  
This Spring has been really good for roses, I really can’t get over that fact. Either that or they are finally hitting their 3 year stride.   Either way, it brings me joy to share the beauty from my little plot.

Old garden roses and thankful Thursday…

Ok, first I am thankful it is Thursday, because I can’t take any more work.  I am over that big time, but gosh I am grateful that I have a job… (just keeping it real you know??)

   ~ grateful for MME. Antoine Mari,  the most beautiful tea rose. I love it.  Also, my Malva Zabrina reseeded for the 3rd or 4th year… I winter-sowed them in 05 I think…

   ~ this is Niobe Clematis, I have wanted this one forever, and have gotten 2 that were mislabeled, so I am thankful this is the correct one. Now, if it only matches the rose I have it paired with….

  ~ thankful, more rain.. on Zephirine Droughin. The fragrance is to die for, a climbing bourbon, thornless rose. Love it.

  ~ Zephy draped thru Limelight Hydrangea..  (the color is more true on the photo above)

  ~ thankful for my China roses, they are so cute! Found rose~ Old Gay Hill, I believe in a cemetery in NC?

  ~ thankful this little rose is still going, one of my first roses, before I really got into antique roses… Nearly Wild, love the white center, it seems to glow… (bees really love single blooms too!)

  ~ Baby Love, not old just really pretty. Thankful for the plentiful continuous blooms on this one. Think it is considered a mini rose, but it is good size and healthy. Grows well in part shade…

  ~ thankful for this little garden vignette, I photograph it quite a bit because it never fails to make me happy. I love the little tinkle of the fountain in the background.

So, with all that is wrong with this world, I am thankful for my little piece of happiness and the health of my family. We are blessed.

Speedy Recovery, love and warm wishes

From ruptured appendix to excrutiating pain
confusion, pain
hoplessness, fatique
lost days, confusion, pain
A million walks to the bathroom, mean nurses, crappy pain medicine, tights up to one’s nether -regions, boots that cut off one’s circulation, every 2 minutes…

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dry mouth, sleepless nights, did I meantion pain? Diary of a ruptured appendix patient named Mom….
I doubt I can correctly describe her days of agony after her appendix ruptured, but I hope you get the drift. It has been a long hard road for her and her family. What a surprise it was. No one was expecting that sort of thing.
Sending warm wishes and love, and praying for a very speedy recovery..
love, your daughter.